Worn Piping/Corners...Does Anyone Notice? Do U Still Carry the Bag?

  1. When I noticed that one of my bags had worn piping, I stopped carrying it. What about everyone else? Maybe it's just inevitable and should be tolerated? Or does it really distract from the bag?
  2. Knowing me, I would stop wearing it and probably would give it away to a girlfriend.
  3. Lucky for me, the one bag with worn piping wasn't really expensive. I'd probably be upset if it was. Seems like such a waste though!
  4. i don't really care, i think it gives the bag character. kind of like when my jeans start getting more worn in and faded
  5. You can touch up the binding/piping with some matching polish (tarrago shoe creams are awesome for this) or you can have it repaired, although its very difficult to do and expensive. Only a good shoe repairman will be able to handle the job.
  6. Thanks for the info, I might try it with the shoe creams!
  7. I don't mind either if a nice leather bag gets a little worn looking...just looks loved & adds character!
  8. that would bother me....

    i'd want to either fix it or give it away
  9. I'm one that doesn't mind. It just makes it more "mine" in my eyes lol!
  10. I had a coach bag that I carried forever that the piping got worn on and started separating. Brought the bag to coach and they offered to repair or replace it...
    got a new bag
  11. I'd try to cover it up with shoe cream or something. If it couldn't be fixed....I'm a freak like that.....I wouldn't carry it.
  12. if i love the bag so much, i'll try to fix it. If not, maybe I'll replace her.
  13. I'd send it to lovinmybags.com apparently they can work miracles, and worn corners/piping is a speciality. Wish we had an lovinmybags in the UK!
  14. Artbag is suppose to do a good job as well.
  15. Hmm call me a weirdo but i love the look of a worn in bag. It tells a little story of its own and it looks super cool....like its been with you through all of lifes' ups and downs. The only and only LV bag I had...I actually tried to beat it up to make it look like Ive had it for a while. LOL