worn out straps on nylon bag

  1. the leather straps on the black nylon tote i use ALL the time - for shopping, class, errands, everything - is looking really sad. i'd post pics but it would just be too embarrassing :sweatdrop: anyways, i need to replace the straps or ditch the bag, and since i spent about $400 on the bag i'm leaning towards replacing the straps :smile: any suggestions on how i might do this? i dont really care if it's an authentic prada replacement or not (blasphemy, i know!)...
    on a side note, i was a bit disappointed at how quickly the straps wore out. i have a burberry bag i used for years (my previous everyday bag), and the strap on that bag is completely intact. then again, it's a shoulder bag and has a thicker strap, but still!
    thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Brownie20, there is a REALLY great bag artisan in New York. The Prada Boutique in New York actually gave me the information to have my Prada bag straps redone there. I full heartedly trust them. PM me if you want all the info...;)
  3. thanks so much for replying! i'd love to get the info -i just sent you a pm! :yes: