Worn leather on medium veneta! Need help!

  1. I just purchased the medium veneta in ebano from eBay. The leather on the handle shows some signs of wear as well as the corners. Is it common for the leather to lighten in color? Also some of the woven leather straps are darker than others? Has anyone noticed this on their bags? Should I take this bag to BV to get reconditioned? Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi etsonis!

    I'm fairly new to BV, but I think it's natural that handles and corners show wear first, and I have seen such BV purses on eBay before. The colour of the woven leather may appear different in shades depending on the lightings. If you could post some pics, it would be easier for the experts here to comment more. As for the reconditioning, I understand that BV life-time-guarantees their classic colour items, so I'd say take it to the boutique and ask.;)

    Hope other members chime in soon!!
  3. I bought a veneta from 2005 on eBay as some of the other forum members know already. The corners were pretty worn out with peeling leather and everything. BV sent it to Italy for me and 6 weeks later the corners came back brand new! They redyed strips of goatskin leather to match my bag and then replaced the worn leather and the braiding around the veneta. It only cost me £40 ($80). I'd take it to your local BV, I'm sure that they can help you!:yes:
  4. Thank you for the suggestions. I will take the bag to the BV boutique & see what they can do!! Thanks again!!
  5. considering that they sent it all the way back to italy, i am pleasantly surprised that it only cost you 40 pounds.
    i just hope that it costs just as reasonable if we were to sent the items to italy from singapore!