Worn edges on lambskin?

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  1. I've had my red e/w lambskin for two years and I've hardly ever worn it, maybe three or four times at the most. Today I noticed the corners were worn and I'm usually very careful with my bags. Does anyone know how this could have happened and how I can prevent this from getting worse? I think I'm going to have to send it for repair :crybaby:
  2. its lambskin!thats what happens unfortunately...sigh
  3. That's the downfall of lambskin... I would try some appleguard conditioner to smooth out the edges and make the wearing less noticeable. In order to get it completely fixed, it would probably need to be sent in to be redyed or something. Good luck!
  4. yea. They get worn out at the bottom quite easily. :sad: If im not wrong, they cant be repair. Mine's was worn and on the edge of tearing. I went to Chanel boutique and they say they cant do anything about it. :sad:((
  5. Yup - it's a problem since that's where the wear shows up first usually. I'm careful with mine but it has rubs on the corners too.
  6. how about using purse hooks so the corners don't touch anything when you put it down?
  7. even caviar is like that dear, lambskin faster .. i have 3 flaps and my perforated corner, which is just a few months, already worn out ... oh, well, i enjoy it very much, its all worth it