Worn clothing sold as new - growing problem?

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  1. I've been stunned by the number of items I've received from major online retailers (Nord, NM, etc) that have reeked of perfume and deodorant. *Reeking*. Not a mild residue from someone who maybe was wearing perfume when they tried it on, but someone who bathed in perfume and wore the item for days at a time. I imagine that quality control looks at the physical condition of returned items and not other evidence that it might be worn.

    I confess if I really love the item I will keep it and dry clean it if it's really bad, but it's a major turnoff and makes me not want to buy anything online anymore.

    Has anyone observed more of this recently too?
  2. I've been getting broken in shoes, either someone kept them and broke them in on carpet at home or they sent the floor pair. But they're obviously worn, leather starting to soften and wrinkle, insole is scratched.

    It's annoying. I want a new pair of shoes, not a broken in pair. I usually have to order, return to store, reorder again.

    I've seen a lot of used looking clothing at some TJ Maxx/Marshall's. It's obvious too. Tags all worn and crumpled, perfume/scents, sometimes makeup and deodorant residue. NR hasn't been too bad in terms of obviously worn/smelly clothing, but sometimes I see tags coming off.
  3. I bought a gorgeous Dolce blazer once from Filene's Basement - it wreaked of BO!! I was so busy at the store I didn't even notice until I brought it home. Horrible.

    That's actually the one thing I will never compromise on - NR sells refurb/used shoes, no thank you. I'm sorry...if I want used I'll head over to ebay. If I order anything online, I always inspect it first - if I notice some wear, in any way, it goes right back.

    Sale doesn't mean that it has to arrive in less than perfect condition.

    Also, I agree, TJ Maxx should quality control their clearance items much better. I've seen a lot of worn stuff there...
  4. Luckily I've never had situation like this, it's definitely not a pleasant experience. I'm actually more concerned about people selling regular pre-loved clothing claiming it's vintage. That's what I see happening quiet often recently. :sad:
  5. When I worked retail for about a month I overheard sales girls saying they picked out their weekend outfit, and come Monday they would be returning it. I find this disturbing even now, and I know I saw other people returning things that looked like they had been worn( I didn't do returns). I haven't received anything from online orders that have been worn though.