Worldwide = some countries only?

  1. I won an auction yesterday where the listing said worldwide shipping. It also said verified PayPal. Since I am not in US, Canada, UK or Australia, PayPal does not do automatic address confirmation, but my status is verified, which means that PayPal had done an internal charge to my credit card and matched that against my shipping address.

    After the auction, I paid immediately by PayPal, and some 22 hours later, I got an e-mail from the seller saying that she does not ship to my country! And that she does not ship to unconfirmed addresses.

    I feel frustrated that worldwide apparently does not include my country. And she did say verified PayPal, which I am. Do I have any grounds for complaint to force her to honour the auction? Would that be wise?
  2. I contacted the seller for an explanation and she said her friend had a bad experience shipping to my country to an unconfirmed address, so she does not want to ship to my country to an unconfirmed address. I offered to pay by other means: bank transfer, money order, cashier's check, etc., in which case the risk would totally mine, since she would have get the money before sending out the bag. But she said she had already sent it to a consignment store and it had already been sold. Although it is only a bag, I just feel so frustrated that she had not even bothered to wait more than 48 hours to work things out before getting rid of the bag by other means. What should I do? Leave a negative feedback?
  3. Well report for not completing the transaction. There is a tab for sellers that you CAN check off only the countries you will ship to. It's the sellers fault for not doing that.
  4. My god that's not nice at all.:cursing:
  5. That has happened for me too. The seller refused to send items to my country although the listing said worldwide shipping. My country is a part of the EU, I use PayPal, pounds sterlings, not euros although euros are in use in my country, and my status is also veryfied, but no! Sorry to here that it happened to you too. I would definitely leave a negative feedback!