Worldwide searching Chanel Classic LARGE SHINY NATURAL PINK

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  1. Ladies, please help me find this bag. I am looking this Chanel Classic Large Shiny Nature in PINK color.

    I know that Hirsleifer ordered this in Black leather and denim. My SA in Chanel Houston told me that Chanels in USA only get this style in denims only.

    Do you know which store(s) that have the pink? Any help would greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. huh??!!?? i thought i read boutiques in us... maybe call the 1-800 # or maybe it was Saks. i am pretty sure someone had their name down on list for one... good luck!
  3. Cute bag is it pink denim or leatherdo you know the name of the bag???
  4. I think I saw this pic under the Neiman Marcus trunk show thread. Try to email the recommended SA under neiman