Worldwide search for VG giant daybag

  1. I know this may sound like a repeat from what
    everybody is looking for.

    I`m having a hard time to find a vg giant in a day:yahoo:
    I decided to finally find one, if it`s not too late.

    So I`m hoping you girls out there are able to
    help me find one. I would do the same for you.:heart:

    Ohh I`m going to europe very soon, I`m afraid it
    may be too late once I get there to buy one.:wtf:

    My search is on...maybe I`m in luck this time.

    I still have the ocean with silver which I may part
    with just to get the VG.

    Thanks maybe I can find one.:confused1:
  2. Hi Jackie!

    I know for sure there are none at Cult Status, as they never stocked VG in the first place.

    You're going to Europe? How exciting!! What countries are you going to? Hopefully you'll be able to find one somewhere in Europe

    Good luck!!!!!

  3. :pI`m going to Switzerland, maybe I will see
    firstclass1 who lives there....:yahoo:
    Not sure if the stores still stock vg giant??:confused1:
    Sold out almost anywhere, maybe there will be
    one on eBay soon, I will survive:wtf:
  4. have you tried realdealcollection? that's where i got mine!
  5. :wtf:No I have not, but I`m sure she only had one
    bag for sale.
    But I can try to email her...thanks for the tip;)
  6. Hi, I'm in Switzerland too and I haven't seen vert gazon in stores here. Good luck and have fun on your trip! :tup:
  7. ^^ You're sure it's the Day and not the hobo, right?

    Here's the Hobo (pic courtesy of Balchlfen):

    ...and here's the Day:

  8. Good luck swissflower.
  9. Yup, it was the Day. I want a Day in Steel with SGH which they didn't have so I had to try the green one for size. There was also a white one with GGH.
  10. Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh had 2 - about 2 weeks ago
  11. Whoo! looks like England is a hotbed for these still...good luck, Swissflower!!
  12. HN doesn't have it anymore. I called theem at Edinburg and their personal shopper mentioned that they only have VG Giant with Work for Pound 842 without tax if you want it shipped to USA.
  13. ;)Wow thanks so much you guys, I totally
    spaced....I already put it behind me on go on with

    Thanks Bern and Fiatflux and Juneplum and South
    of France and Gro3602 I will survive.....:wtf:
    Thanks all for your help.:heart:
  14. :crybaby:I`m still looking....again...
    I really want one....and I`m trying to find it before
    I go to europe....can you guys help me?

    There will be a nice reward...:heart::wlae::rolleyes: