Worldwide search for Tomato *can't bear it any longer

  1. Dear Fellow TPFer,
    Since I found a Tomato CP, practically I have been lusting for this colour in RH Work or SGH in Day..
    I lost and missed a couple on e**y thinking, "yup, not meant to be! My perfect tomato will come soon when the time is right"

    However, that time has never come *at least until now :sad:, hence I am asking for your help dear fellow TPFer, if you know any store that stocks these and wouldnt mind letting me know, I would be so grateful :nuts:

    TIA :heart::heart:
  2. has a GSH City in Tomato - not the 2 styles you listed, but it looks gorgeous!!
  3. Thanks Purse :smile:
    I did see the SGH City on RDC, however my heart is set on RH Work or SGH Day..:sweatdrop:
  4. i'll keep a look out for you aki! i was in balbangkok a few days ago and saw quite a few tomatoes, unfortunately i didn't pay careful attention to which styles they were.. good luck!!
  5. Thanks heaps Pluiee :heart:
  6. If tomato is the red of FW07, in Bal Shop in Milan (Italy) they have it!Many styles, I saw a City GGH, but maybe there was even silver!
  7. Try Balenciaga Paris (Printemps especially), they had them coming again in November, you never know what's left over, that's how I found mine (not in Paris though)!

    Good luck!! :heart:
  8. I saw that one too - couldn't figure out if it was bad lighting or she described the color wrong.
  9. Oh aki! I feel your pain! I've begun to say Tomato RH City or Tomato SGH Day or RH Day, I've gotten pretty flexible too. Ah! Tomato!

    I'll be heading to Italy this Saturday, I'll keep my eyes opened for both, and contact you. I was told that SGH isn't that big in Europe so I'm hoping to find a couple of SGH Days for me and you! :flowers: I'm pretty much going to hit each retailer of Bal in Italy in the next two weeks. :nuts:
  10. ^^amanda! wait for me! lol
    Can I have your left over sgh tomato day, sgh plomb day and sgh ocean day? I've called everywhere... :cry::crybaby:
  11. Oh I'll definitely message you if I find any of those three! What's the point of a study abroad if I can't help my Bal-sisters find more bags? Pretty much, the only Italian I've learned so far is to direct the taxi to the University that I'm staying at and how to ask for bags in certain colors. :tup:
  12. Dear South,
    Thanks for the info..I will keep this as my option :yes:
  13. Thanks Vida, I might ask my friend to check it out for me..
    I heard Bal in Italy is much more pricey than anywhere else, no?