Worldwide search for Sandstone work ggh!!

  1. I know this is not the first time that pf`er post this and I do not want to buy
    directly from anyone here in the purseforum.;)

    All I want is for someone out there please look and help me find a Sandstone giant
    workbag with gold.:crybaby:

    I would be so thankful.;)

    Somehow i know I can find one still, there is hope.

    That`s my HG and it is to stay.

    Any stores have any still, maybe it was overlooked and when they do inventory,
    they might find one???:confused1:

    Any sightings in Europe??
    I have not called any stores either, but I could not find any posts in the
    shopping section.

    I know if I am patient, it will pop up.:woohoo::woohoo:

    Thanks so much.
    I will help all of you find whatever you are looking for.
    My promise.:heart::boxing:
  2. post in the shopping forum?
  3. I guess nobody has seen one or knows where to find a sandstone.
  4. sandstone's already htf for sometime. i only know of GGH Hobo on and GGH PT on raffaello-network. all online sources as i'm not in the States.
  5. Wasn't there a Sandstone on eBay recently? I would recommend looking at the section that lists the reputable stores that sell Balenciaga ... there are a bunch of online links there as well.
  6. Yes, I might have one coming my way....yeahhhhhhh:woohoo:thanks to a
    very sweet pf`er.....
  7. I can suggest to try to call Bal shop in Milan. Here Bbags are not "popular" and they have lots of bags!!!What color is Sandstone?Can you post a picture?So I can tell if I've seen it!!!
  8. Are you still looking Swiss?

    Dear Fashion-Cult has just posted that Cosmo Shoes in Sydney has one, if you are interested, I can ring up for you to get the details :smile:
  9. Thanks Aki_sato,....I `m happy for now....
  10. Here I found my HG.....Yeah...:yahoo:
    Sandstone purseforum.jpg
  11. Congrats- it's a beauty!
  12. Thanks, this one is definately a keeper....