Worldwide SA's recommendation!

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  1. ^^totally agree. Sam is great!
  2. All SAs at the Holt Renfrew, Edmonton, Canada.
  3. Any good SAs in Germany... they were all pretty rude so far...
  4. I'm not sure if I've already posted in here, but Chad and Anna in the Roseville, CA store are AMAZING! I always make sure one of them is available for me to purchase from. =]
  5. Have not had good experience with any of the SAs at the SCP boutique or the one inside Saks. I always go the Bloomingdales LV at SCP and ask for Valerie(so sweet) or Money(she is a Manager there). They are both very friendly and I never feel pressured to buy.
  6. Monica, Hotel Vancouver

    she's really sweet, patient and doesn't pressure you at all, goes over the top to locate things too :biggrin:
  7. All of the employees I've dealt with at the San Francisco LV store have been very nice. But Jason is just outstanding. SO friendly and helpful.
  8. My Favorite SA Is Jennifer Bowlin, Neiman marcus, San Francisco,1-877-634-6264 Ext. 2170 She will find anything you need.
  9. I've only been to LV in Frankfurt since i live near Frankfurt, but they're just as arrogant and rude, unless you're a celebrity or 100% clothed in designer-clothes.
    And since i also like wearing normal jeans, sweaters and jackets they don't seem to care about you as a customer.

    But then i never need help from a SA to buy something nor does my girlfriend, and when they're rude to me i'm rude too but in a sarcastic way to outsmart them, their stupid look is worth it. :smile:
  10. Franklyn in LV Chicago
    Alexa in LV @ Saks Chicago
  11. I don't know the two SAs you mentioned but Bloomingdales LV at SCP is the best! Sherry and JoAnn are both great. Unfortunately, snootiness rules at the main boutique. But how lucky are we to have 3 LV boutiques in the same mall!!
  12. Yoichi from Surfers Paradise store in Australia. Or Peggy, Taka, Valerie, Arthur.
  13. I don't have a dedicated SA since the nearest boutique is a 45 min drive so I go when my family go to that mall. I've always had great service at the Northbrook Court Illinois LV boutique. SAs that have helped me since I've been shopping there: Nicole, Sonya, Daniel, Sheila.
  14. Jonquil in Jacksonville, FL boutique is awesome. Very nice and very patient with me while I shopped- didn't get the feeling pressured to buy something while I looked around. Would definitely look for her for my future purchases.
  15. Hans Jacob at the store in Oslo is the best SA ever:smile: