Worldwide SA's recommendation!

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  1. Susannah (sp?) at the Bravern boutique in Bellevue is wonderful! She was patient, accommodating and very knowledgeable! :smile:
  2. Judy or Joe at KOP mall and Catherine in Atlantic City Caesar's Pier
  3. Anyone know any good SAs at the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA LV boutique???

  4. I agree that Olga is very sweet. My favorite, however, is Jaret. I didn't see him there last time, but he's always so nice and helpful when he's there.
  5. Can anyone recommend someone in Manhattan? I'll be there next week and want to make my first LV purchase :smile:
  6. Kelly M. @ 5th Ave NYC - PM me if you want her email. due to the recent shortage you might want to chk to ensure they will have what you are looking for in stock
  7. i must give a shout out to suzanna as well!! she helped my "clueless in LV" boyfriend do a charge-send for a sarah fleuri wallet in rose. so sweet and patient over the phone with me as well. my dear bf was raving about her service afterwards:ps:
    go see her if you're in the seattle area!
  8. Tara at Chadstone LV in Melbourne - very helpful & snooty service from her!
  9. I would like to recommend Lauren,John and Jennifer @ LV in Saks in Walt Whitman Mall,LI and Dolores @ LV in Macy's at Roosevelt Field Mall,LI...amazingly helpful and sweet people!!!
  10. Jennifer Gorman (King) at Southpark Mall in Charlotte, NC. Love her!!!
  11. Lauren at LV in Palm Desert, CA
  12. Shawn at Bloomingdales 59th street. He has the patience of a saint (and he's cute)
  13. would you happen to know manuela's email?

    I'm looking for LV SAs in bloomies, saks or macys in NY/NJ (preferably with email)
  14. Stacy (Asian lady) at Fashion Valley in San Diego, California. She is very very sweet and nice. Also very much a total LV lover!!!!!! :smile: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. Samera (Sam) at LV Pioneer Place in Portland OR. She can get me anything I want :smile: