Worldwide SA's recommendation!

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  1. Shawna (leather goods manager) at Bloor Holt Renfrew in Toronto. :smile:
  2. Does anyone have a good SA at the SCP boutique? TIA!
  3. Jessica at the LV in the Domain in Austin - she is so helpful and patient!
  4. Just got my very first LV's in Paris! I live in San Diego, anyone have any good recommendations either at Horton Plaza or the boutique in Fashion Valley? TIA!:flowers:
  5. Prague, Czech Republic- all are very sweet and helpful and i dealt with quite a few of them and plan on going back next week:flowers:
  6. Kevin at LV Hotel Vancouver is awesome!!

    I don't have a specific SA that I go to but from now on i'm going to him.
  7. I loved Maxence Wilson at the Saint Germain store in Paris. He spent a lot a time showing me different bags and talking to me about my trip. He insisted on showing me the Sofia Coppola bag; he was very proud of it. What a great experience!
  8. manuela and emanuela at LV in Bloomies 59th st. Lex nyc
  9. Yup, I agree, Manuela from Bloomingdales... she's terrific. :smile:
  10. Marleigh at LV store at the Galleria mall in Dallas is fabulous! There are a few other great gals there also.

    Everyone at LV & Neiman at Northpark in Dallas are very stuffy!
  11. Susan in the Tysons Corner Neiman Marcus LV and Julie in the Towson LV in Baltimore

    Ann, who used to work in the Chevy Chase SAKS is now the manager in Towson also. She is OK, but very knowledgeable. She's usually in the back and not on the floor
  12. +1
    Friendly lady.
  13. Tania at Dadeland Mall, Miami Florida Saks. Best SA ever!!!!!
  14. I agree! Julie is great!
  15. Do you have SA in Natick, MA ?