Worldwide SA's recommendation!

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  1. Kirsten and William @ Westfarms, CT.. Love them!!!
  2. Jennifer Contreras store manager @ LV neiman marcus SF
    Justine Washington, Angelica del carmen @ LV union square SF
  3. Monique at the downtown Macy's in Minneapolis, MN. She's the store manager and is beyond great!
  4. Elaine Zeff.
    Nordstroms Chicago.
    Everyone in that store is great as well...Ken, Victoria, etc...
    But I only trust Elaine with what I wear.
  5. Xavier @ the Crown Casino store in Melbourne is friendly and very helpful
  6. ALBERT @ Scottsdale Fashion Show Mall! He is great, sweet, funny and really cares. Also he has been with Vuitton a long time so he knows his Louis!
  7. Stacy @ Towson Town Center in MD....she has always been very helpful and patient with me, she helped my husband pick out a gift for me, which I LVOE!!!! If you are ever heading to Towson, all the SA's are good, but she is wonderful!
  8. Jason at the LV boutique in Fashion Show, Las Vegas is super awesome! :smile:
  9. Melissa @ LV Hotel Vancouver is REALLY nice!!!!
    I think I'm only going to buy from her in the future!!!
  10. Olga or Lucy @ Charleston SC.
    SO SWEET, caring, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Can't go wrong with either of these ladies!
  11. Does anyone have a good SA they can recommend in Brisbane? I have tried several different SA's at this store but have yet to find one that is truly knowledgable and is willing to go out of there way to help you. TIA
  12. Kitty and Britt in Antwerp!
  13. judy at the king of prussia, PA
  14. who's good in atlanta?
  15. Might to share Eric's email as i will be going Paris in NOV and planned to get Palermo PM there :yahoo: