Worldwide SA's recommendation!

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  1. Larissa the asst. mgr @ Saks at Biltmore Fashion Park Phoenix, AZ
  2. Jose at Houston Galleria LV store :biggrin:
  3. Hans Jacob in Oslo / Norway
  4. where do i began far they're all pretty helpful..better be! if they want my bucks...LOL..

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  5. Nicole and Lena (not sure if spelling is right) from LV boutique in Northbrook Court, IL.
  6. I thought this is a neat thread in Chanel... it will be handy for us LV lovers as well. Please post ONLY the SAs WORTHY of our business.

    let me start:
    SAKS LAS VEGAS Branch: look for Monica
  7. bump
  8. Two thumbs up for Gordon Koh from Singapore. Ion Orchard boutique. Just went there last night. It's my first LV and he was so patiently showing me alot of gorgeous bags and the shop was actually quite crowded but he even showing me around the boutique and eventually, I was in the shop for more than 2hours. He just made me fall in love to LV so much now. His professionalism and friendliness made my shopping experience so excited. Don't ever go to the boutique in Takashimaya. I went there first and NO ONE EVER SERVE ME there and making me stand there like a log for a good 5 minutes. SA just stood there and stared at me.
  9. Vincenzo @ LV Castlereagh Sydney
  10. Mariel at San Francisco Union Square.
    She is the best~
  11. Jocelyn at the LV boutique in Fashion Square Mall, Scottsdale, AZ. She is fabulous!
  12. Kelly M. @ 5th Ave NYC - the best SA I've ever worked with :tup:
  13. Albert in Fashion Square Mall Scottsdale AZ. He is so sweet, and he never rushes you...just nice, nice, nice :smile:
  14. The SAs at the Riverside Square Mall in NJ are amazing. Ask for Michael, Fatimah, Candece or Roxanne - they're all fabulous!
  15. Elaina @ Houston Galleria. She is the sweetest SA i have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She is also extremely patient even when when it takes me hours to decide what bag i want.