Worldwide SA's recommendation!

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  1. Not sure if this is allowed, but I'd like to start a collective list of SAs that people have met and enjoyed shopping with. If you'll like to add to the list, include name and location. This way, if someone is looking for a good SA in a particular city, they can just use this thread as reference.

    For me, Andre @ Holt Renfrew LV Vancouver.

    PS. Mods, this was just an idea i had, remove as needed? :smile:
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  2. Definitely Ana Sorial at Saks Chicago!
  3. I have two:

    Naz at Louis Vuitton, Chevy Chase, Maryland, and

    Yazmeen at Louis Vuitton/Neiman Marcus, Fairfax, Virginia...

    They are FABULOUS!!!
  4. Detroit area -Troy, MI Saks Somerset mall

    Dorothy @248-643-9000 ask for Louis Vuitton
  5. Any great SA's in Paris?
  6. Eric B. @ Champs Elysees is wonderful!
  7. I have had the wonderful experience of buying from two great SA's at Saks in Beverly Hills they are: June and Jannell.
  8. Christopher at the ross park mall in pittsburgh is my favorite. He's swwet and helpful...and a cutie pie to boot! Lol
  9. Germaine in Tampa, FL at the International Mall store

    Nataliya in Naples, FL at Waterside Shops store

    Both are awesome, super sweet, and incredibly helpful! :tup:
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  10. I would like to "nominate" Patrick and Chizuko of the LV in Hotel Vancouver as two of the best SA's. Also, the manager whose name escapes me right now :P
  11. I second that vote for Andre at Holt's in Vancouver!
  12. I would recommend Sara at the King of Prussia mall. I know not a lot of people care for their CS but she is wonderful.
  13. Sarah & Kate @ King St, Perth - having said that, I don't mind any of the girls there! The guys are friendly to me too but haven't had any of them serve me solo before!
  14. Naoko from Bloor St. Toronto, Canada.
    She's such a cute, patient, and very attentive lady.
    I was suggested her by another tPFer and I HIGHLY recommend her.
  15. I have a few that I've met during my travels:

    Lisa Culha- LV Rodeo Drive, CA
    Tommy Delp- LV Columbus, OH
    Frank Di Anna- King of Prussia, PA
    Chatel- King of Prussia, PA
    Jennifer King- Charlotte, NC
    Lisa Thompson- OakBrook, IL
    Stephanie Parthemore- Oakbrook, IL
    Daniel Samborski- Rodeo Drive, CA
    Sarah Niroomand- Rodeo Drive, CA
    THE BEST Yvette Hilton- Rodeo Drive, CA
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