Worldwide gucci sale??

  1. Hi guys,

    So I'm obviously waiting for the 6/6 sale and giving my cc a little workout....

    but does anyone know if the sale in the gucci stores is going to be going on in other countries such as Australia or Hong Kong?

    I could totally order some stuff online, or over the phone, but would prefer to see some of the handbags instore =)
  2. ill like to know to, im in oz
  3. malaysia on the 9th
    oz on the 15th. yipee
  4. Ooh, that's great news. I have been waiting around wondering when the sale is since people in the US are already enjoying sales except us down here :sad:
  5. How do you know the sale dates for those countries? can please someone inform me... Hong Kong and Philippines? thanks
  6. YESSSS 15th here i comee!!!!!

    wannabelyn - how you find this out??
  7. I KNOW because i am malaysian and i live in sydney
    so i knw both dates. they told me
  8. the website only lets certain countries order online. you may want to check the site for more information.
  9. thanks pgurl!
    that's why i wanted to know if Australia had a sale or not, since I would have sent the package to a friend and told her to keep it for me until i got back to the US -- which would be nearly 3 months later!
  10. hi gals....when is spore gucci on sale..n which branch
  11. Is the UK site going to be having a sale? anyone know when?
  12. what about the sale in europe? anybody knows any dates?
  13. i heard thta it has started in singapore
    i don't know which branch but usually all branches go on sale.
  14. the SA in manila that i talked to said that its probably july or august.. bleh! but im not too sure as our SA's here aren't really that great...
  15. I received a card inviting me to a special private sale starting on the 9th to the it sorta starts earlier than the 15th i suppose?