Worldwide Ebay STRIKE !!! Feb 18-25th 2008 PLEASE JOIN !

  1. Count me in!
  2. Yeah, I read about this on CNN news. I'm in.
  3. Wow, thats hardcore! Thanks for posting. It will be interesting to see if eBay is going to be hugely affected by this!
  4. IM IN!!! :boxing:
  5. I will not even log on on these dates. Less 'noise' for eBay.:supacool:
  6. I'm in! I hope this reaches as many people as possible. I'll send it around.
  7. A simple way to avoid ebay when you found something you like on there is to google their item or name and either find the merchant's website or another website that sells it.

    For sellers, there are so far no other sites as good as ebay in terms of monitoring fakes, so bags are out, but other items can be sold on places like Amazon, onlineauction, and ecrater. Handmade items can be sold on etsy.
  8. I'm IN. There's power in numbers... if enough people take the week off, Ebay will feel it.

    I don't have anything I really need to sell right now, and it would probably do me good to take a week off buying.
  9. ^I agree.
    I'm selling off what I have right now and I haven't been buying anything lately anyway.
  10. i am in..:tup:
  11. Just boycott eBay forever. One week might not be enough to hurt their business:boxing: .
  12. Great job , making a thread with this! I am definitely in! I have been putting off listing stuff,ever since I got there intellectually insulting 'New Lower Fees" email. Plus I have less than 100 feed backs , so Paypal could technically hold my funds even though I have 100%. Scary.
  13. Count me in! I won't even log on all that week.