World's smallest dog!

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  1. heheeheeeehehe

    awww its so adorable and funny!!! :smile:

    it looks like the little character who used to be part of the ads for honey comb cereal, who used to go "honey comb honey comb me want honey comb" haha
  2. [​IMG]
  3. hah ok maybe its just the eyes and that its almost 4am :smile: i should go to sleep! :smile: haha but cute either way!
  4. SO cute! :nuts: I don't like dogs (They're pretty, but stink and I wouldn't ever own one), but I wouldn't mind one of that size.
  5. LMAO Slush!! My dogs don't smell...well they do, but they smell delicious!! haha

    Cute dog! I'd be afraid of..I dunno, smushing the little fragile thing.
  6. I want him! lol
  7. awe... so small... I would be afraid of hurting him.
  8. cutie

  9. My two Chihuahuas don't smell either...they get baths and go to the groomer's all the time!:rolleyes:
  10. The dog in the article is soooo cute!
  11. SO cute! I've been laughing/ooh aaah-ing for the last 10 mins and looking at the clip accompanying the article.
  12. aw!!!!!!
  13. Just one more dog I wish lived in my house! I love them all, big and little!
  14. Aw... he is adorable. Thanks for posting!