World's most versatile accessory!

  1. I went through a pile of old magazines at DM's place and managed to unearth this article. Some of the ideas are not new but it's a good read anyway. The magazine is about 4 years old so the prices stated in the article is out of date.
    Credit: The Singapore Women's Weekly - December 2003


  2. Great post! THX!
  3. Thanks Birkingal !!! FYI, there was a spread in last (or last last) week's local papers (Urban) featuring H scarves too !
    LMK if you want a copy of it :smile:

    I got my first H scarf abt 4 - 5 yrs ago, at SGD 395 ! Seems like so long ago !!
  4. My my... prices sure have risen fast, haven't they? Before long they're going to be double the price! :wtf:
  5. I always think that price of Hermes items is increasing faster than the stock market. Maybe this is the reason why Hermes is a good investment for your money :p.
  6. tell me bout it i still remember the days where a croc kelly 32 porosus was round about 9.000dollar US :wtf:
  7. Great tips, thanks for posting!
  8. If I were only younger and thinner!
  9. toscaong, I'd love to see it. Is there a way you can post the article here?

    *ouch* I'm feeling the pain. I felt my knees going weak when a fellow tPFer told me that a Kelly 32 once cost less than USD $3500 4 years ago.
  10. birkingal, thanks for posting! I love those looks. :smile:
  11. Great article.
  12. Uh, oh ... It'd be best if you don't think about it. Otherwise, you will start pulling your hair!
  13. I can't get enough of actions pics. Thanx for posting
  14. Great article, thx for posting.
  15. Great article, thank you for sharing!

    How tall is that model, I wonder? Because I'm short, but I don't think that even the huge cashmeres would work like that on me. ? Never tried it though.