World's Most Beautiful People 2006 (people magazine)

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  1. Talented, inspiring and absolutely gorgeous - get a sneak peak at PEOPLE's 100 Most Beautiful issue. Then pick up your copy on newsstands on April 28.,19939,1184666,00.html

    World' Most Beautiful: Angelina Jolie,19736,1184666_1187416,00.html

    World's Most Beautiful People
    From Angelina Jolie to Eva Longoria, see what makes the most captivating stars so utterly gorgeous in PEOPLE's special issue, on newsstands April 28
    Angelina Jolie,19884,1184666_1185920,00.html
    Jessica Alba,19884,1184666_1185920_2,00.html
    Isaiah Washington
    Eva Longori,19884,1184666_1185920_4,00.html
    James Blunt
    Heather Locklear,19884,1184666_1185920_7,00.html
    Terrance Howard
    Dinica Patrick
    Ziyi Zhang,19884,1184666_1185920_10,00.html
    Avril Lavigne,19884,1184666_1185920_11,00.html
    Brandon Routh,19884,1184666_1185920_12,00.html
    Rachel Bilson,19884,1184666_1185920_13,00.html
    Naveen Andrews
    Nicole Kidman,19884,1184666_1185920_15,00.html
  2. Avril Lavigne? hmmm...
  3. Angelina looks breathtaking!! I think Brit is also named, I don't know, Brit one of the most beautiful??
  4. I am not sure about all the choices, but I will give Angelina credit where credit is due
  5. I'm Chinese, but I never found Ziyi Zhang to be that pretty. There are tons of Asian actresses that are way more beautiful (although not known to Hollywood).
  6. Where's Jennifer Aniston? I love her, she has to be on it. Right?
  7. Oh! Cool tip by Rachel Bilson -

    That site Dani posted, it says Lindsay Lohan is to play Sailor Moon. . .!? UGH. I like her and all (just not as much as before) but I love Sailor Moon more and to me Lindsay is just not worthy :sad:
  8. Jessica Alba looks stunning as always :love::love:.
  9. I agree. I :love: her hair though :P:P. Makes me wish I never dyed my hair.
  10. Oh no...I'm kina lost...but Lindsay as Sailor Moon??? :sick: That's no good. bleh.
  11. Could you just imagine being 8 months pg and nominated the most beautiful woman on Earth. That's impressive.
  12. Always interesting who they choose.
    Terrance Howard is one pretty pretty man.
  13. :sad: Bummer..........missed out again:cry: . Maybe next year.
  14. I heard this morining on the news that it was Kira Knightley who was most beautiful woman of 2006
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