World's Creepiest Purse!!!

  1. WOW! :roflmfao: It would work for Halloween.
  2. Whoa! Those are creepy for sure!!
  3. ^ lol agreed!!
  4. Speechless...
  5. So it looks like you just chopped off your DH/BFs head and are carrying it around in your purse? Nasty. But obviously people buy these things!
  6. :wtf:
  7. all the comments "where can I get one???"
    People make fun of designer bags but they'd rather carry a bag that looks like a HEAD? Ew.
  8. Creepy and weird. :weird:

    i3>handbags is definitely onto something about using this for halloween ~:devil:
  9. Maybe that could work for sample sales. You could tell people that's what happened to the last person to try and take a bag from you.
  10. I would have to hide it away at night. I would feel like it's watching me:wtf:
  11. ewwwwwwwww
  12. Yikes!
  13. ummmm........ok.......:confused1::nogood:
  14. Heehee I am thinking the same thing!:yes: