worldrenown1212's very special collection

  1. Hello all. I'm new here. Hope you enjoy
    LV Speedy 30 Gold mirror
    LV Keep All Gold Mirror
    LV Stephen Cuir S.Ver Ivoire
    LV Muilticolor Monogram Bucket with Moni Purse
    Chanel Paris-NY Luggage Collection Duffel
    Chanel Paris-NY Luggage Trolley

    Enjoi. More to come
  2. Very nice :smile:
  3. Very nice collection =) thanks for sharing!
  4. wow, I love your Mirroirs!
  5. oh man i love the mirrors! your collection us great.
  6. Beautiful collection ... very substantial pieces! Absolutely stunning!
  7. Fab collection - those chanels are tdf
  8. Wow, love those chanel!
  9. WOW! The fringe bucket is SO pretty! The Chanel luggage is so hot!!! Thanks for Sharing!!
  10. wow the mirror lv's are beautiful!
  11. great collection! love the Chanel luggage
  12. love the gold speedy.:love:
  13. Wow- you start this thread with a bang with the mirior! Love your bags!
  14. really nice stuff! i can't believe you have a miroir keepall!! gorgeous
  15. wow - great collection.