World Trade Center

  1. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on this movie. I don't know too much about the plot, but personally, I am very leery of it as I hate to think of movie execs making tons of money off of a huge tragic event like this. I feel like it's almost too soon to make a movie on it...I can still remember getting called into my highschool's gym along with all my other confused classmates and told about it.

    Furthermore, I wonder what are the opinions of tPFers who don't live in America?
  2. I cant watch this movie..nor Have I ANY desire to...I know of fatherless children due to this trajedy and I have problems with them having to RE-LIVE the day their DADDY died.
  3. I agree with Jill... both my husband and I worked at the WTC, and were fortunate enough to have left our jobs there about 6 months before the tragedy. But, there were people I knew in those towers and I still can't bring myself to realize that both the people and the buildings are gone. Every time we drive into the City, I find myself looking for them in the skyline even though they've been gone for nearly five years. Never forget....
  4. I just don't want to relive that horrible day. I don't like not knowing why it was made, as a tribute or for entertainment? If it were a tribute, no one should have to pay to see it.
  5. I saw just a little clip of it and it made my eyes tear up :crybaby:
  6. I'm not going to see it. I think people are capitazlising off of tragedy. But that seems to be the thing to do in America.

    ON another note, I get tired of them rehashing that day every year. It reminds of when Jackie Kennedy said she was tired of people honoring the anniversary of her husband's assassination. She felt it was morbid to commemorate one of the most tragic events to occur in this country instead of commemorating his birthday or something great like that. I feel that way about 9/11. And anything related to it that focuses on the sad, tragic, aspects of that day.
  7. Amen sister..:heart:
  8. I absolutely will not be seeing this movie.

    It was horrible enough watching it happen LIVE on TV. I don't need to see a movie to remind me of that horrible, horrible day.
  9. I agree with what everyone says here, I have no idea whether I'll see it or not. However its no different than any other movie portraying a great tragic event in history; and I'm guessing we've all seen movies on the second world war, Vietnam war, the civil war in Somalia, etc, etc. All who have people who lived through it that are alive today, or who lost family members who are alive today.
  10. I think it's still very fresh for many of us and some are still having a hard time dealing with it. I cry everytime I see footage of it - I remember the horror that I felt that day (I lived in the DC area) knowing that my friends' parents worked at the Pentagon and they had no idea what happened to them
  11. I think the difference is when it comes to war, we are expecting casualties so we are watching history, however painful. This was a surprise terrorist attack on civilians. Not on soldiers who are already in the line of fire.
  12. I fully agree. I may end up seeing it with my BF as he is a native New Yorker but I won't plan on doing anything afterwards.
  13. Yes, good points lamiastella and bagnshoo. I definately agree, and also it was one of the scariest most random things that could have happened to innocent civilians.
  14. I'm not going to watch this movie. Even reading the title of this thread gets my heart aching and tears forming. I still remember that morning when it happened. It was horrible enough watching it on the news. :sad:
  15. I agree with you all!!!!!!!!
    I lost MANY friends & family that day and Everytime I see a clip of the movie on TV I start to cry...
    It is only 5 years..It is still to fresh in our minds to make a movie like this so soon I FEEL.....
    I bet if the director or ANY actors lost there loved ones they would not make this movie..