World Tour Speedy Size.

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  1. Hello LV Lovers. I was at LV about 2 weeks ago to ask about LV Speedy World Tour. The SA told me Speedy for that version only comes in size 30. Is that true? I am not so much into those stickers but what I really like world Tour is the Monogram paired with black treated leather instead of normal vachetta. So if I do order my speedy world tour I will probably only request for 2 or 3 stickers. I don’t like my classic bag to be covered with so much stickers!
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  2. Yes the MWT only comes in the size 30. If or when it comes out in the size 25, I’ll buy it again in a heartbeat. I only chose initials for mine in black/ivory which equals one sticker and had no problem with the transaction. Good luck with your decision!!
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  3. Can u kindly share pic of yours? Thanks
  4. Sure. Lots of pics in the world tour club as well...
  5. I agree with @Louisgyal37 currently it only comes in 30 size. I would so gladly purchase the 25 if it’s offered in the future. In fact that’s the only LV bag I’m interested in
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  6. Thanks! I like yours a lot without having much stickers. U have good taste!
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  7. Aww thank you!!
  8. I adore the strap and bag charm you’ve paired up with your speedy ~ the perfect marriage! Compliments your bag beautifully.
  9. Thanks so much :smile: