World Series!!!

  1. Now that the Red Sox have won the American League Championship, the World Series will be underway on Wednesday. Who will you be cheering for?

    GO SOX! :smile:
  2. RED SOX:tdown::yahoo:GO COLORADO!!!
  3. Go Red Sox!!!!!:woohoo:
  4. Just out of curiosity, why is it called the World Series when it's only in America :shrugs:. Oh yeah, go Sox!
  5. ^^^^I've never figured that one out either Cat! The same thing when the NFL has the Super Bowl..they call them world champions LOL

    I don't really like baseball...but I'll say Go Red Sox because Ben Affleck likes them and he's kind of hot! LOL
  6. LOL! I always wondered that, too!
  7. REDSOX!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Go Red Sox!!! We're a Sox household!!! ANd I'm exhausted today, we stayed up til 1:00 am watching the game and festivities that followed! Did anyone see Pappelbon do his River Dance? OMG it was so funny!
  9. Cal, maybe its because there are baseball teams in Canada too? :shrugs: I'm confused on that one as well lol.

    ellacoach: Same here! My BF and I wanted to see the festivities after and Papelbon just cracks me up. I liked how he said "stay tuned, I got something for ya" and there he went dancing. At least he wasn't in his skimpy clothes this time lol.

    We live in Denver and have been waiting for our opponent since we swept the Phillies and swept the Diamondbacks!;)

  11. well neither of those teams are "my" team! .. but i AM a HUGE baseball fan no matter what -- and i still don't think i've decided who i want to win! .. right now i'm thinking COLORADO ROCKIES .. bc they're an NL team, and i don't agree with AL baseball! .. haha! the whole DH thing just takes so much out of the game .. but that's another story, lol! soo yes, i'll help route the rockies on with ya, rockies fans! :biggrin:
  12. YIPPEE

    GO RED SOX!!!!!!!


    1191791304_0518.jpg 1191794999_8902.jpg
  13. here we go, game 1!!!!!

    good luck to both teams! :smile:
  14. i want the red sox to win, but not because i've been watching the games. :shame: i want the ppl who bought furniture at jordans to get it for free! (a local furniture store had ppl buy furniture within a certain amt. of time. if the red sox win the world series, all those ppl get all their furniture free!)
  15. lol that's funny! i didn't know about that.