World Cup!!!!!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    Greetings from Rio de Janeiro!

    It's been a while as I've been terribly busy. But know what? The world cup has given me all the rest I need.:yes::biggrin:

    It's astonishing how Brazilian people are so into this world cup! really!!! All the banks and shops close on game days! I've lived here for a while but I still find this amazing!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Is this the same where you are?

    Cheers from here!
  2. Rest? Vondervall, I haven't been getting enough rest because the matches have been played in the unearthly hours of the morning :biggrin: (10 pm, midnight, 3 am Singapore time)

    The shops and banks here operate normal hours, as far as I know.

    I've watched some matches on TV - viva Espana and Xabi Alonso! :smile:
  3. It's not that bad here in Australia. Soccer isn't that big here as a sport but we are all very hyped up now coz this is the furthest we've progressed in the World Cup! WOOHOOO! We've got supportive Socceroos slogans on shop windows and so on but no days off.

  4. SerenitySue, congrats to Australia for reaching the last 16. Good to see Harry Kewell playing well. :biggrin:
  5. and you've been staying up all night to watch it, right? this is exactly what i mean. the games are at 4pm (almost the end of the working day) and people don't go to work anymore. nice huh?

  6. congrats! I work with a girl from OZ and she's super excited too!
  7. Excellent play on Friday for the socceroos. Go aussie Go!!! Hmmm...Italy next......can't wait to watch.
  8. Thanks Vondervall and passerby! We're stoked!!! Kewell is kewl! lol! Sorry.. kinda lame I know.

    Allbranspls, I KNOW!! So excited!

  9. The whole of Holland is Orange:lol: .It's like Christmas,if Christmas were orange :lol:

    I'm not even Dutch,but I'm caught up in the spirit since my country didn't qualify.

    So, Hup,Holland,Hup!!!!:lol:
  10. Actually, where I live it really isn't a big deal. (U.S.) They were talking about it on the radio and how it is a shame we are not more into it and why etc.
  11. I'm so tired of the world cup! Fortunately, my country hasn't qualified, so we aren't as exposed to it in the media as we otherwisev would, but it's more then enough already! Sorry for the rant, but I am so fed up with the tv channels sending fotball instead of its usual shows.
  12. Lame? Not at all, SerenitySue :biggrin: The Liverpool fans chant this (to the tune of Daddy Cool) "Harry, Harry Kewell, Harry, Harry Kewell" - simple but so catchy :biggrin:
  13. ^^LOL! Really? That's a great chant for a football field! Hey imagine our names being chanted like that. My head will get so big, my neck would snap.
  14. Quirky, I like Holland's style of playing and they're the next team I'm supporting after the Socceroos! But hey, don't you reckon this year they've gone a bit flourescent in their orange? I don't remember it ever being so bright. It's like it's radioactive and I should slap a biohazard sticker on their jerseys. :roflmfao:
  15. I'm in Germany and here it is REALLY crazy :amuse: World Cup-fever everywhere, I loooooove it.
    It's Germany vs. Sweden right now and it's already 2:0 for Germany... :yahoo:Our neighbours start a little firework after every german goal :lol: