World Cup LV special edition?

  1. I visited the LV store in Duesseldorf, Germany today and I saw a real beauty in the middle of the store. It looked like a Carryall in a darker than usual Mono canvas, black leather handles and silver hardware plus a small black&silver football label on the side. Has anybody seen something like it in any other stores (probably only in Europe?) yet or seen pictures in any magazines? I'm new to LV and I really would love to know if it really was a Carryall. I know that it's limited and that there already is a waiting list for it (the SA told me immediately when she saw that I was admiring it).

    I also made my very first LV purchase today! A lovely Speedy 30 in Mono! I thought about getting a Speedy 35 first but it looked too big on me once I tried it and so I got the 30. I'm loving it already! It was my first visit to the LV boutique here and I was very pleased with the service.