World Cup Friends

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  1. hi ladies! let's keep talking here...
  2. :hugs: hiya
  3. Woohoo, what a nice idea!

    I'm off to bed now though. Gotta work at 9am :tdown: I'm afraid to go to bed though. It's soooo hot here. My bedroom has 28*C currently...
  4. night kittie!!! hope you sleep well...turn on a fan or something. :p
  5. hi sweet friend!!! :hugs:
  6. Howdy!!!

    Kittie, it's (luckily) relatively cool here in my room. We had our shades down in the house all day (it was so dark I had to turn lights on to see stuff, lol) but it hasn't cooled off AT ALL outside!
  7. the NE of the US is having a hot wave too right now. we're OK down here in florida...just the normal summer heat.

    I have fans all over my house to help move the air conditioning around. do y'all have fans? when I've been to europe in the early summer it hasn't been hot, so I can't remember if fans are a normal thing over there.
  8. Wonderful idea, frick!! :heart:
  9. so glad to see you here! :hugs:

    it was sternchen's idea!!!
  10. We have ceiling fans in our bedroom, the kids' rooms and in the living room. We have a stand-fan in the kitchen now since that is where I do my studying. It blows directly on me. Today I had it up so high it blew my papers all over the kitchen, haha :p

    No AC though!!!
  11. hahaha! I can just see that. I think the floor fans work better, so I use them rather than the ceiling fans. yesterday when I was trying to decide what to wear to the wedding, my hair kept blowing in my face & sticking to the conditioner on my lips. I was already cranky about having to go, so that didn't help at all! :p

    we couldn't survive here without a/c!

    hey, you're not originally from germany, right? I've seen you in other threads for a long time. I think I remember that correctly. you absolutely crack me up by the way. I remember something about your engagement or engagement ring...
  12. Nope, not originally from Germany! ;) ...well...sorta?

    I was born here, moved to the US when I was 5 (my dad was a soldier in the US Army) and moved back to Germany after some pretty f-ed up stuff happened in my life back in 2006 :smile: Moved for Love :love:

    Half of my family lives here, so it's like home - but USA is still my HOME!
  13. I had a hard time getting used to live without AC. I used to live in Maryland, Mississippi, and the Mojave Desert of California - so I'm used to heat :p ...just not used to it without AC!

    A lot of German people say they get sick / colds from the AC? I don't get it...whimps! haha
  14. dad is american & mom is german? dad met mom when stationed there? I see. my HS/college sweetheart was stationed there too for a time. I went over to visit...beautiful! it was the first time that I had ever seen snow!

    now you're studying there? are you enjoying it?
  15. well, there's no way to survive here without it. I guess there is some kind of way, but I don't want to know about it!

    does german weather compare to maryland? that's what I'm thinking...
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