World Cup Friends II

  1. Hope everyone has a nice 1st Advent Sunday! :hugs:

    I'm just getting ready to head out to the Christmas market at the open air museum. It's super cold today (below zero) and I had to get my uggs out of storage since I don't have any other warm shoes at the moment. :p
  2. ^it's 26C & muggy here. I thought a cool front would come through again, but not yet...

    it's much hotter in the summer, so I should be grateful.
  3. ^I Love how different our local weathers are! :nuts: Today they issued an orange snow warning (it goes up to red and purple, but we never had purple in my area as long as I remember). It's supposed to heavily start snowing this afternoon. I'm excited to see whether they are right. :nuts:

    Last night was really nice. I love the open air museum village. Everything was decorated and the market offered a great selection. I had the yummiest fried mushrooms (white champignons) with garlic sauce.

    The pic isn't the best since it was so dark, but I hope you can make something out:
  4. ^Thanks for posting, nice atmosphere endeed. We'll visit the German christmas market again next time.

    Don't feel good today. DH came from Canada having colds, now I have it too:-s I have a severe sore/itchy, nose/throat, and a headache ugh! [​IMG]
  5. Kitty, that looks lovely!! :nuts:

    Maybe we'll have to take a trip up there and visit the Market :p Looks much nicer than the Würzburg and Stuttgart Christmasmarkets.

    Yesterday we took a longer drive and went to the swabian Alb. I read in the newspaper that the lifts are open there (small lifts, but still enough!) and that there is 30cm of snow. So we packed up our sleds, and drove off! It was a great day and we had a lot of fun.

    I do need new winter shoes though. I can't even count the times I fell down in the snow while I was trying to get up the hill. UGGs suck for snow boots! :p

    It's snowing here today... should snow all day, YAY!! :biggrin:

    Hopefully it will stay like this until Christmas :love: The last white Christmas I can remember was December 2001 (here in Germany).
  6. Lol, you should come up but that market is only open one weekend. :p However the Next two weekends there will be another nice one at a museum village in a neighbour town.

    The White Out has started here! :yahoo: Just in time when I was done running errands for today and tomorrow. Now I'm *coughlisteningtopoliceradiocough* and wondering about the many accidents. I don't know why so many people are idiot drivers in the snow?! :shrugs:
  7. Damn! DH will be in Cologne before Christmas and I thought that I might go up with him - only been there once. I know Cologne is a bit away from you though :smile:

    Snow must make some drivers turn stupid!! There were 3 accidents on my way to the grocery store today, and that's only 2km away!! :wtf: People going around corners too fast, breaking too hard, just being plain dumb. It doesn't help that there's a sheet of ice under the snow either...

    How much do you guys have so far? We've got about 2-3 cm but are expecting a good 10 cm today. I want a blizzard! :biggrin:

    Guess I'll have to leave for classes extra early tomorrow. Who knows how many accidents there will be
  8. How do you listen to police radio? I wanna listen too!
  9. I'd say 2-3cm here as well. :p But it keeps snowing and doesn't look like it will stop. They predicted 10cm here as well, in some areas even more. I'm constantly checking the weather warnings at I want snow chaos!!! :p

    Yeah, people just don't know how to adequately react to the snow. One half is driving absolutely crazy like there's no snow and don't reduce their speed, the other half is panicking and just creeps through the streets. :nogood: I'm happy that I don't have to be out there right now. The first days of snow usually are the worst before people slowly adapt

    You need a "Funkscanner" (or do you by chance have an American digital FM radio which gets frequencies below 90.0 FM?) and the frequencies for your area. Don't get caught though as it's not exactly legal. :ninja: :whistle:
  10. We have an orange warning according to the website you posted :biggrin:

    What's a digital radio? LOL, my alarm clock is american and has one of those turney things to find the station... don't think that a police station is on there though ;)

    It's extremely cold in our house and our heaters aren't getting hot for some reason. My nose and hands are so cold. *sigh* I think something is wrong with our heater but every time someone comes to look at it they say "It's working!" ...well, if I'm freezing and my heaters are set on the highest setting, IT'S NOT WORKING!
  11. Here's a link:
    Can you set your alarm clock tuner to something like 83.34 FM? If so it might work. I don't know where your next police hq is but you might want to check:

    That's purely informational though so you don't accidentally set it to those frequencies... :ninja:

    ETA: Sorry about your heating! What temperature do you have inside your house at the moment? Are you renting or do you own the place?
  12. hehe, I'll be sure "not" to try that out ;)

    What's everyone up to today?

    I have a massage appointment at 4 and I'm wondering if I should walk or drive with the car. If I drive with the car I'll have to clean off the snow and stuff. brrr, too cold! :smile: Maybe I will walk
  13. Well, how far is it? I'd probably walk if I could get there within 30 minutes.

    I just made some spaghetti and then I'm gonna study. Tonight I'll do nothing but watching TV and drinking Honey Milk.
  14. believe it or not, I'm jealous of your snow. it's hard to be in the christmas spirit when it's so warm out :cry:

    kittie-- thanks for posting that looks so beautiful.

    ladies, please post pics of snow & christmas-y stuff for me. christmas is weird in a tropical beach town. I'll post pics of our feeble attempts to act like it's christmas here too (without snow, without quaint buildings, boo hoo)
  15. I totally can relate to that! :yes: Even though we had a very cold beginning of 2010 December 2009 was silly warm, we had days with temps in the 60s. :wacko:

    It's still snowing here and I just put up my bird feeders on my balcony: