World cup Carryall

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  1. Not a fan too!! Bad justice!!
  2. I think it looks like a fake (I know it's not) and i hate the black straps and this ridiculous patch on it. Really not my cup of tea. they're still a lot of them left in the stores because they don't sell that good.
  3. I have to see it IRL before I can comment .. anyone know retail on it? :biggrin:
  4. well unless your going to Germany, you wont be able to see it IRL , they are only seeling it there due to the games. I love the carryall in fact i am getting one next month, my parents could get me this one if i wanted bu ti dont like it, yes the vachetta is treated and wont accept so much dirt, i would prefer to special order one with the damier dark brown finishes that way, it will match the bag much more and will solve the dirt problem
  5. I was under the impression that the global stores were going to receive a small shipment??
  6. why does it look fake? I agree naughtymanolo, the black doesn't look good.
  7. ^^ they might but i heard that it will only be avaliable in the germany stores specifically Berlin
  8. I don't like the black with the mono.
  9. I agree, the black with mono looks odd.:oh:
  10. It is ok but i like the gold hardwear and the black is ok.
  11. I really don't like it at all...I had imagined something quite different in my mind. The patch is just plain tacky!:sick: Oh well, since I can't have it anyway (not going to Germany anytime soon) I'm glad I don't like it.:biggrin:
  12. It's too bad it's not trimmed with brown, like for damier pieces, that would be much nicer !
  13. I miss the LV soccer ball =(
  14. Gosh...I thought it's Fake ..
    I have to see IRL before judging it...
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