World Cup Carryall - interesting

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  1. as far as i know its real, there is a damier one aswell. its hot. i lovee the black trim. id die for a speedy like this... hmm SO?!
  2. It's authentic. The seller is a reputable LV reseller. I purchase a LV from him/her before. Very nice person!

    This bag was a limited edition, only available to Germany.
  3. Yup. This Carryall is the real deal. I looove the black leather trimming... :drool:
  4. I love black trimming on monogram canvas. What do You think it is possible to order f.e. keepall with black leather trim????
  5. Hmmm... it might be possible?
  6. i also like how the black leather and silver trim contrasts with the brown Mono canvas. it works for me and it surely makes it more masculine. this colour/matrial combo first came out on the men's f/w show collection in 2004 with the Larry briefcase and Christopher backpack. i hope to see new stuff like these in the future :yes:
  7. my BF would love this $$$$$$ piece
  8. There's a Damier version also? I would love to see a pic of it. Anyone have one?
  9. wow, it's gorgeous!
  10. very interesting, but the price is not.
  11. i love the world cup stuff..