workplace problem.. got told off today. I want to fight back!

  1. Today we received a document from the head off for us to call customer to sign and process it. I am fairly new in my position and I am not sure what to do . so I asked other staff to give it to another more experience person.

    that person came into my room. SHOUT AT ME! " this is your job, u tell me u dont know how to do it? " and I explained to him i was sick yesterday and i have plenty of work and i am not 100% sure what i have to do since i dont want customer to come to my office, ask me quesiton and i said i dont know.

    then he said " bloody hell! that's ridicious! " and throw the document to my desk and left the room.

    I felt really bad really really bad. I didnt do anything wrong and I cant see any problem for " dont know the procedure" . If he dont want to do it, he can always tell me nicely!!

    And I told my manager about it.. and my manager checked with him, he deny anything! and said " i dont mean it of course and i cant see why she get upset".. i am so pissed!!

    how can i fight back!!! i really cant stand him anymore.
  2. I am sorry this happened to you. Its a shame that he forgot he, too, was a neophyte. Every one needs help once in a while.
  3. New at the job...take it with a grain of salt and move on...someone else was having a bad day
  4. what a jerk!!!!!!!!
  5. i cant believe he deny everything when the manager chat with him@!!! seems like i am over-sensitive.
  6. Give the job, and the workplace as a whole, a fair chance.

    Every job you have is going to involve at least one person to whom you have a strong urge to say a few things, possibly throw a few things at them.

    Don't. The best way to get back at him is to try to enjoy your job as much as you can, do it as well as you can, and get along with everybody.

    Remember, it is not your life, it is not who you are. It is just a job, and the people there are just other people who work there. If one or more of them happen to be insufferable psychos, just enjoy your cordial relations with the others, and be thankful that the psychos are not really a part of your life.

    If, after giving it your best shot, you decide that it is not the job for you, then go work somewhere else with different insufferable psychos! ;)
  7. What a jerk. Nobody deserves to get yelled at, and especially if you are new. The boss needs to tell that guy to make sure it doesn't happen again. Its couter-productive and it just doesn't help the situation. Some people are socially retarded.
  8. My advice from a similar situation I had: Document, Document, Document EVERYTHING! Keep it all in your dayplanner or someplace safe with time, date, who, what was said, etc. Believe me, it might happen again, and this time you will be prepared knowing that your weapon is in your hands. Others might have a similar problem with this jerk, and you just might end up having to meet with your boss to discuss this problem. Your advantage: you had it all written down from day 1 as PROOF. Just keep it discreet, don't share with anyone else. It is your little secret weapon, and just writing it all down will make you feel 110% better, since you know that the next time you'll be ready to document again!!
    Remember, it is all 'he said she said' unless you have external proof of this problem. Documentation is your only hope of winning any confrontation with your boss/management later on! Trust me, this works!
  9. To begin with, I would have taken a different approach. If I was assigned something and I wasn't secure in doing it, I'd ask for help or assitance on the correct procedure. By handing it off to someone else, I think you might look unsure of yourself and possibly lazy.
    That certainly doesn't excuse this guy's reaction, and as far as getting back at him, not a good idea. First thing to learn about the workplace...there will ALWAYS be someone you don't get along with. It's better to be professional, do your job, and document everything. Aside from that, perhaps email him and explain that you didn't appreciate his actions and that you're more than willing to put it behind you and start with a clean slate. Aplogize for you actions too, and say that you had the customer's best intention in mind and didn't want to seem like you're pawning work off to other people.
  10. This is not to give the guy the excuse to be rude and to be yelling at you like that, but perhaps instead of handing the document off to another staff to hand it off to someone else, perhaps you could have gone to someone, like your boss and asked for help? The guy clearly was having a bad day to begin with and he might have taken your action the wrong way - thinking you were passing the buck? Anyway, things like that happen all the time, heck I've been working for 13 years people still piss me off every now and then. It's good that you talked to your boss, and s/he understands. Just stay away from that guy.