1. Has anyone else seen the show "workout" on Bravo. I watched it for the first time last week after OC housewives. I think it was from last season though. They are suppose to start the new season I think tonite.

    I couldn't get over Jackie's girlfriend, Mimi! She is a psychobitch! :hysteric:

    I'd kill to have Jackie's abs. I use to have abs like that! :girlsigh:
  2. Jackie scares me. LOL Her gf is a psycho. I think they will break up soon.
  3. I love that show. I didn't see the premiere of Season 2 yet though (I DVR'ed it last night and will watch tonight). Jackie is cool, IMO...but Mimi needs to go. :yucky:
  4. I was watching the season premiere last night. :sad: It was sad to see Doug especially since he was helping his former partner who was suffering from kidney failure. I wonder if they'll mention his passing.
  5. Yeah I felt bad for Doug too!!

    Mimi....words can't describe her...she's just horrible. Love Jackie though, she's awesome! :yes:
  6. Can anyone tell me what this show is about? I only saw some internet ads and they are not very informative. Thank you.
  7. Wentworth-Roth it's mainly about Jackie and the people who work in her gym. Sometimes they discuss the people who go in there, but not that often. Mainly outside of the gym it's Jackie and her struggling relationship with Mimi. Who is another trainer at a different gym. Mimi is really passive-agressive and easily jealous, Jackie is ready to have kids... Mimi well she's still a kid. Last season ended with them broken up.
  8. At the end of the episode they previewed future episodes this season. It looks like one of her trainers and her will have a fling! I think it is a bad idea! You just don't date your employees.
  9. Yay! It's back! And a thread to discuss! :yahoo: I love this show. I missed the premiere because it was on so late (I feel asleep after the disapointing and super boring Orange County Reunion) but caught the last few minutes of it in repeat today. I can't believe Mimi is still around! I thought she dumped her LAST season! Yeah, a fling with one of those employees. I have to get refreshed again on the names. She's the employee that basically flirts outrageously with all her clients. I think it's all for the cameras - she basically sleeps with anything that has legs...and I hope Jacki doesn't get hurt. Is it me, or did the guys get cuter since last season?????:graucho:
  10. Ok... I see now... thank you.
  11. I can't stand about half of the trainers.
  12. Yeah, I don't know about the trainers they just don't seem interesting enough to me. I like Jackie and as much as Mimi is a psychobitch! I do find her entertaining to watch!
  13. I love this show. I think Jackie is awesome. Mimi needs a good kick up her ass.

    As far as Jackie dating one of her employee's, I also agree its a bad idea for the work environment.
  14. I doubt they will mention it. I know that his family had requested privacy regarding his cause of death. This season's "workout" Is dedicated to Doug.
  15. It is a sort of textbook classic case study of people who excel professionally, but are utterly incapable of managing their personal lives.

    Everything Jackie touches seems to turn to gold, yet her romantic life is a nightmare!

    At least she appears to be coming to understand that, and hopefully she'll take that next step and work on developing a healthy relationship with somebody, and limit her interactions with Mimi to the occasional card or email encouraging her to get help.

    I don't think it would ruin the show, the trainers can provide more than enough drama to keep us entertained and Jackie stressed. ;)