workout song title help

  1. For some reason today I went on the fitness demand channel. I was watching some short shows such as bootyblaster, chair dance, etc....

    I came across flirty girl fitness. As I was watching I heard the song playing. I was trying to search for it online but couldn't find it. If you go the and check out the videos you can hear it. I got some of the lyrics:

    I know you're looking, looking at me.
    Ain't no surprise now, I know you like what you see.
    So now I caught you why don't you just make a move.
    You know you want me so what you gonna do.
    Tell me something.......or did i get you're heart pumping....coudn't understand this part....
    Got you looking, there's nothing I can do.
    I caught you looking Cause I have my eye on you.
    I'm on the dance floor boy you got nothing to lose.
    There's no one like me and boy i'm so into you.
    The way I'm moving gonna lose you're mind.
    Come on and do it cause I'm gonna make you mine.

    Does anyone know this song????? Thanks!
  2. Have you googled and Yahoo'd it?
  3. yes i have. I've been searching for it for about 30 mins then gave up.
  4. where is the song on the site? I can't find the vids. But looking at this site makes me want to get my lazy but dancing. I have a pole but I never use it much.
  5. I just found this thread and it's bugging me.

    Did you find the song?

    Was it rock or R&B?
  6. Hahaha, no I have not found the name of the song. I gave up.
  7. According to the comments, they had it recorded especially for the video.