Workout Schedule Help

  1. So going off my food one...I am also going to start taking advantage of my school gym (apparently it's some state of the art gym because we have so many sports teams)!

    need some help on where to start....I used to work out religiously I know how to do most of the free weight stuff.

    I can devote 5 days during the weekends (although I could at least walk on the weekends at home with the doggie). There wouldn't be any aerobics classes available during the times I can this would be strictly cardio & weights on my own.

    I am currently 5'5 147 lbs and a US size 8. Waist size in jeans ranges from 29-30. I have big thighs and big arms.
    Would like to firm and tone arms, stomach, thighs.
    Do not want to look like Madonna or Kelly Ripa (man-arms) when I'm done though.
    Also...losing weight...the actual number on the scale doesn't really matter to's more about being healthy and being toned and tight (and hopefully being able to still fit into the same clothes...not worried about the tops..but worried about the jeans!)!

    Any advice...what workout schedule would you recommend? What type of workout....should I be doing lots of reps w light weights or....???
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  3. I'll PM you later! I actually have to work out right now lol! :noggin:
  4. LOL...thanks Liz!!!!!
  5. Hi, again, Twiggers!

    I do strength training three times a week and cardio twice a week. My strength training consists of a full body circuit that takes around 30-40 minutes and it targets every muscle group. Here's what my circuit looks like on an average day:

    Abs Day:
    Crunches and another kind of ab exercise
    Back Extension
    Bench Press
    Military Press
    Upright Row
    Triceps Pushdown
    Leg Extension
    Biceps Curl
    Leg Curl

    Legs Day:
    Bench Press
    Traveling Lunge
    Military Press
    Upright Row
    Triceps Pushdown
    Leg Extension
    Biceps Curl
    Leg Curl

    General Day:
    The same things but without as much focus on abs or legs.

    Depending on the day, I do 2 or 3 sets of 10-12 reps. I started out with 8 & 10 pound dumbbells and now I am up to 15 and 20 pound dumbbells. Don't be afraid of using weights for fear of bulking up. It's nearly impossible for women to bulk up without having a super strict diet and weight lifting regimen. On my cardio days I do walking/running intervals for 30-40 minutes.

    Keep in mind that this is what works FOR ME. Everyone is different and just because something works for me doesn't mean it works for you. I have altered many things here and there while I found what I liked best. A lot of what I've posted in both of your threads are things that I picked up from the Abs Diet. It's a get fit and stay fit plan, not a DIET. The author even says how he hated to call the book the Abs Diet because it's NOT a "diet." It's a healthy lifestyle plan.

    I just wanted to say that based on your post here and the one about nutrition, I have absolutely no doubt that you will succeed. Why? You have realistic expectations and your priorities are where they should be. The bottom line is that you just want to be healthier. You want to look better and feel better. You aren't going to be a slave to your scale and you aren't looking for some quick fix fad diet to get you where you want to be. You're starting off in the right frame of mind and I have every confidence in you!
  6. Twiggers! I'm busy again! I'll have to do it in the morning but I WILL do it LOL!
  7. Ok...first off...let's try to get away form targeting specific areas of your body and focus on overall fitness. 5 days a week for cardio and lifting or just lifting? If lifting, that's a bit much. If the former, then that's good. I'd start with 3 days of lifting and 2-3 of cardio. Let's start slow and see how you feel. Try a push pull, superset routine (ie, 1 set of bench press, then do 1 set of rows. Go back to bench, then another set of rows until 3 sets of each are done), all 3 sets of 15. If you can finish the last set, move up in weight the next time.

    Day 1: Bench press/seated row, shoulder press/lat pulldown
    Day 2: 30-45 min of cardio (elliptical, running, spinning, swimming, etc etc)
    Day 3: Bicep curls/tricep extention, squats or lunges, core work (crunches, cable twists etc etc)
    Day 4: 30-45 min of cardio
    Day 5: Start over with Day 1's routine
    Day 6: 30-45 min of cardio (optional??)

    This should give an overall workout in about 30 minutes and get you started. After a couple of months we'll see how you feel and change it up based on that.
    Take before measurements so that way you can tell if you're starting to gain mass as opposed to tone. It's hard for women to gain muscle mass, so a lot of times when they say doing something that bulks their legs or arms up, it's in their heads (not saying that's the case with you, but let's make sure by comparing measurements). Also, if you feel like 3 days of cardio isn't enough, toss in a 20 minute set of cardio after your lifting session.
  8. Thanks Charles! So you would say that squats & lunges would take complete care of the legs?

    I pretty much have time for 5 days of anything! I was planning on budgeting about 1.5 hours a day (which allows me time to get across campus to gym and be back at my car all in 90 minutes....would shower at home)!
    This will also happen at the end of the day...since I don't have time in the AM to workout, and then go home and shower and get back to school on time.
  9. Squats pretty much hit every muscle in the leg, and if you're pressed for time, it's a good overall leg workout. Same with lunges, but with squats, be careful that you have correct form. You can easily mess your back up if you don't do them correctly.
    I wanted to give you a smaller routine to start out with so you could see how you body is adapting. Once you figure that out, refine it and add some things here and there.
  10. you need to do more cardio first in order to lose all the fat, then after that you can do the weights, coz if you do the weights minus the cardio, you'll end up getting "bigger".

    it's good if you can combine it, for warming up do cardio about 30 minutes, then continue with weights (ex: day 1 -- chest and biceps, day 2 -- back and triceps etc...each exercise is about 12-15 reps about 4 sets) and finish it off with more cardio around 45minutes

    my trainer says the last cardio is the one that helps you lose the fat

    when you weigh (after several months of training), the scale will go up, but you actually look thinner.

    good luck!
  11. I completely disagree. Muscle is what burns the fat and the more muscle you have the more calories and fat your burn. And, as Charles and I have said, it's nearly impossible for women to bulk up from lifting, especially at this level. There are some people who believe that if you are muscular enough and/or do enough strength training you don't even need to do cardio but I don't agree with that either. Strength training is very important and if it's not done along with cardio training you'll actually lose muscle from from the cardio and end up worse off than when you started. I really don't think it can be stressed enough how important weight training is. The bottom line is the less muscle you have the less fat and calories you will burn - period.