Workout Music??

  1. I am starting my new journey tomorrow to lose weight for my upcoming wedding and it takes alot for me to get motivated. I'm thinking that if I had some really good workout music to get me pumped, I might be more inclined to workout! So I need some really good song suggestions that would be upbeat and motivational!! :yahoo: TIA everyone!!

    P.S. If there is already a thread about this, please feel free to direct me there! And mods, if this is in the wrong spot, please move! Thanks!
  2. check out: MIA
  3. Not sure if this is your type of music, but DragonForce is great for running. Definitely a great rock music to listen to - usually gets me pumped! And it's usually long it makes me feel better when the song is done.

    Through the Fire and the Flames:

    Fury of the Storm:

    But I'm not sure if you like this type of music....
    Techno/trance could help you out? Or clubbing music like:

    Rihanna - Please Don't Stop The Music
  4. I'm probably quite a bit older than you but when I used to run *sigh* I made my own mix-tapes to listen to in my lil Sony Walkman. I favored 80s tunes---"We Got the Beat"(GoGos), "Always Something There to remind Me" (Naked Eyes), anything by Billy Idol---and anything with a good beat---"Unbelievable" (EMF), "Take A Chance On Me" (ABBA), "Jive Talkin'" (BeeGees), "Funky Sh*t" (Prodigy), etc. I know, I know, oldies but goodies! But to this day I cannot hear any of the songs I had on my tapes without feeling like running. If only I had a treadmill...

    Anyway, just use music that you like that makes you feel like moving.
  5. i love your music!
  6. I love Paramore's "Misery Business" is fantastic right now-

    the lyrics talk about a girl who got her man back from a girl who temporarily "stole" him away and her sweet revenge:

    Whoa, I never meant to brag
    But, I got him where I want him now.
    Whoa, it was never my intention to brag
    To steal it all away from you now.
    But god does it feel so good,
    Cause I got him where I want him now.
    And if you could then you know you would.

    my advice is -carbs are evil! :boxing:you can order all you want from room service on your honeymoon!:graucho:
  7. techno music does it for me, although I run a little faster than I should
  8. I love all the old dance clubby songs - the ones you couldn't sit still too, had to go dance, the ones you hear in the car & start moving. I also save the best ones for last for that extra push I need to finish whatever I'm doing.
  9. Dance music gets me going - what kind of music do you like?
  10. I think it depends on your mood. i have 3 playlists on my ipod specifically for running (im a HUGE dork, i know) but they consist of "runnin music: girlie" which is all girlie music, including dance, and christina aguleria, jt, etc., then theres "runnin music: hip hop" which consists of hip hop & rap music, old and new, then theres "runnin music: rock" which consists of, well, rock music :smile: i also have a "yoga music" playlist that i do yoga and stretch to.
  11. ^^I don't think that's dorky. I would totally do that except I'm lucky I got any music on my ipod at all! Maybe i'll have one of the kids help me - so sad......
  12. ^^thanks for not thinkin im dorky :love:

    but playlists are easy, just go to file --> new playlist. then u name it and drag and drop whatever songs you want into them. im sure if one of ur kids showed it to u once, ud be fine
  13. Sooooo I signed up for the Discovery Health Challenge and they sent an email about a free trial for podfitness which mixes trainer instructions with songs... I'm gonna try it tomorrow and will let u know how it works! Oh and I'm partial to rap music when I work out...
  14. I can really get moving to fall out boy. One day I was working out and mid workout I switched my ipod to fall out boy and man it was so easy to up the intensity. It was fun too!
  15. Ok I really enjoyed working out to the podfitness thing... I reccommend using the 8 week free trail!