Workout motivation, my Evasion, very well loved

  1. I have had this baby about 3 or 4 years, I think you can tell she is well loved and used a lot! The bottom pocket is perfecy for shoes...or what I use it for my wet suit and towel after the gym ;)

  2. Oooooo, nice bag!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It does look very useful...and sturdy!

    Will make working out abit more fun.....:yes:
  3. Hi twinkle, could you share some tips on how to maintain your vachetta handles? :flowers: There is no dirt in your pic at all!

    My speedy is a disgrace. :lol:
  4. Oh it is beautiful.
  5. I love it, it remind me of one of the men's bag. It's discontinued right?
  6. great bag!
    Wetsuit? :show do you avoid watermarks - your bag looks great
  7. Nope, still available, on elux right now.
  8. Really, I don't baby it at all, you can probably tell by the shape :shrugs:

    but I do spray all my vachetta with a leather spray. I have used a bunch of different types and they all seem to work...lately I have been using kiwi (because it is easy to find, even my grocery store carrys it)..if I do get a spot on it, I wipe it down with baby wipes..that's it.
  9. Mary, it is so pretty-
  10. Hmm...I may have to add Kiwi spray to my list for this week's shopping. Gorgeous bag.
  11. :drool:
  12. wow, love that patina!
  13. I love this for the gym! Looks beautiful! LV's just get better with age, if you ask me!
  14. It looks great!
  15. It is very reasonable $3 or $4...and very handy, I use it on my vachetta and fabric...I used it on my denim backpack before I took it disneyland and that thing got used and abused, tossed about, set on the dirty ground and rides and soaked on the water rides for a solid week and came home looking like new, not a scratch or water mark on it.