1. OK, I get the prize for most boring thread title...
    I have actually 2 questions: First, has anyone noticed variability in the workmanship in their H bags? I would have to say that my earlier Birkins were astounding for their consistency...but my most recent one is noticeably different (stitching, placement of hardware) to me anyway (I tend to scrutinize). Second...does anyone know, what happens to the second-rate bags that aren't deemed fit for retail, that maybe a craftsman was learning on or goofed on...just curious...
  2. allegedly if they don't pass muster, they're destroyed.
    very scary, what you're saying about a noticeable difference in quality. very very scary.
  3. Noticeable to me, but not necessarily the average person. The stitching is contrasting, so that makes it more evident that it is not perfect...but the worst is the hardware at the end of one of the straps is not perfectly parallel with the strap. I can live with it (hey, what is my choice?) but it is a little disheartening.
  4. hmmm... okay, i agree that contrasting stitching will definitely reveal more than tone-on-tone stitching, so maybe that can't really be compared (or do you have the magnifying glass out?). the hardware not being parallel, if it effects the way the strap sits, closes, works, etc. that might be something to bring to a store's attention... for my bag, seeing the obviously hand-stitched... stitching - i mean perfectly done but still clearly not machine-made precision, that's one of the things i love the most, the evidence of the human hand behind the bag.
  5. HH: Good points--as always--thanks for your input--
    I guess that this bag's stitching and hardware are outliers compared to my other bags, even if not obvious (no magnifying glass, just my baseline OCD...) The shape is also a bit smushier (for a new clemence bag) whereas my others were (and still are) a perfect rectangle..
    It's not a huge deal in the big scheme of things, I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed discrepancies.
  6. okay, then one more thought - leather doesn't all behave the same. you can have 20 clemence bags, but they won't all smush or not smush the same.
    i don't like that crooked bit of hardware though - tell me to shut it, i'm being no help.
  7. The stiching will vary a little because the bags are made by different people, the placement of hardware I would ask about that at the store you got it from, I have never seen that be off. As for the "smushy" I did notice that clemence leather has become softer (I do not like it as much)
    ...maybe they "baby" the cows more than they used to and masage them with "la Mer" cream!:nuts: :lol:
  8. Yes, the clemence smush true!! I figure I will deal with the hardware by not dealing with it...since I rarely touch it anyway...
  9. Thanks avan!
  10. La Mer! LOL No wonder we pay these prices! Makes me think that H gets the leather from those Wagyu cows (Kobe beef)!
  11. Can you show us pics of the hardware in question?

    I haven't seen a big difference but then again I am only a 5 year old-ish Hermes fan. I have a vintage Kelly that has the exact style stitching that my other bags have. The hardware not being placed exactly so would also bug the daylights out of me. Perhaps an inquiry to the store is in order?
  12. Haha. I just saw this on the Travel net work a few days ago. Those cows get pampered like we would at a spa!! They get daily massages and everything!
  13. :lol:
  14. I'm going to look at my hardware now...:confused1: .
  15. My SA told me that the Tokoyo store has a quailty control inspector who inspects all bags that comes in from Paris and if anything is "off" a bag is returned to Paris. From this I conclude that there is a definite difference in some bags. The Japanese are totally into perfection.
    Maybe someone else knows numbers, but is't Hermes making many, many more Birkins than a few years ago? This Birkin frenzy around the world is probably taking some toll on quailty occasionally.
    I have wondered if there are leathers that would guarantee that a more experienced craftsman would get the job: croc, suede, combination bags, etc.
    I would think the new guys make the Togo and Clemence Birkins. Would think Box is pretty hard to work with.
    Just my random thoughts here.