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  1. I have noticed (on quite a few threads) comments on workmanship.

    How would you define good workmanship? Is there anything specific to look for when buying a bag?

    Maybe I should have taken home economics instead of the (easy A) art class when I was in high school?
  2. hey dc girl.....
    hmmm....workmanship can mean many things to many people....
    some basics to look for:
    * seams that are straight and are sewn cleanly (ex. straight line - no missed stitches or loose stitches)
    * if the bag is lined, use the same guidelines for stitching and how it is sewn and does it fit nicely into the bag
    * zippers/snaps/hardware that functions smoothly

    This applies to bags at all price points. If the bag is more expensive, than you would look for other qualities such as the grade of leather, the hardware, and design attributes that can dictate more time/effort that went into its production.

    Hope this is a starting point for you.....
  3. I think 'workmanship' refers to various things. Some people are picky about certain things more than others. Recurring 'workmanship' issues seem to be - accurate stitching, leather quality, zip quality, durability. design, weight of bag,etc. There are many more, but over time you'll probably have your pet likes and dislikes. Mine are zips and stitching. Some surprising issues can come up with very expensive brands, I have noticed. A lot of ladies on the Bal forum have complained about poor colour saturation and colour transfer. So there aren't always quality guarantees with high-end bags. Having said that, I'm delighted with my new Balenciaga Anthracite Twiggy.
  4. I returned two bags last year because the hardware was not attached right -- an off center MbMK logo and wnother where the handles were stitched onto the bag in slightly different spots on each side.

    Otherwise, I hate zippers that are hard to zip. They should not have to be treated with anything to work properly.
  5. A bag with impeccable workmanship that I am happy to own is a Dolce and Gabbana pebbled leather satchel. I don't use it all that often as it isn't very big. On the other hand I find Balenciaga quality control can be disappointing. But I still love the look of the bags and own four of them. I persuade myself that the flaws are all part of 'the Bal look'!
  6. Thanks for your help, ladies. I got interested in bags last year because I wanted to replace a worn Kathy van Zeeland bag. The fake leather was cracking and the lining on one of the pockets was so loose (when I got it) it caught on the zipper. Loose linings and zippers that are hard to use bug me the most.

    As for the leather, I like both soft and stiff leather. I have two Max Mara clutches that are very different. One is a green croc print that is kind of boxy so the stiff leather works well. Last night I bought one (50% off!) that looks like a bow so the soft leather is perfect!

    Any more words of wisdom? Bring it on!
  7. Thre are a few must haves when I am searching for a bag when it comes to workmanship. First of all, I really don't like plastic zippers at all, if the bag has a zipper. Metal zippers are much more substantial. Secondly, I check the hardware, and I don't care for a whole bunch of metal on my bags, but I make sure that it is either burnished brass or some other type of metal that isn't coated with a fake finish. Then, I check the stitching. No wimpy stitching for me on the handles or the body of the bag, and I especially check for mis-aligned or missing stitches. And, a big plus is a bag with feet. That's workmanship to me. A good deal buster for me is if the lining is cheap or there are not enough pockets inside.
  8. Hate loose threads most of all.