workings of the J12?

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  1. Hey all,

    I'm looking to get a j12 for x-mas from my bf, but I was curious if it's difficult to change the battery on the 33mm? or do you always have to take it into chanel?

    And how does the 38mm work? do you wind it like other automatic watches?

    Also any tips on how to score a great deal on one, would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for white diamond markers.

    Thanks for everyone's input ahead of time!;)
  2. The 38 is automatic. It works like all other automatic watches. Its pretty easy. I wear mine a lot so I dont have to worry. The 33 should have the battery changed by Chanel. I wouldnt trust anyone else with it. They could damaged the waterproof seal.
  3. thanks lucci! did you have any advise on where to get one for a good deal. I remember reading another thread where you PM'ed a tPFer all about it but I was wondering if you could share any insight with me too.

    Thanks again!