Working with your SO?

  1. I work for the campus police at one of the colleges here in Portland, I'm a dispatcher :smile:

    Long story short, my DH is going to be working at this office as an officer and I'm not sure how I'm gonna deal with it. We have worked for the same company a couple of times over our 4 year relationship, but we have never worked together. The previous jobs were arresting shoplifters and we usually worked at separate stores.

    I love my DH to death, but I'm not sure I am gonna love working with him. Have any of you guys ever worked with your SO? If so, how did you guys handle it? Did you have problems with other employees bringing issues with your SO to you instead of straight to them? (this happened with one of our previous employers) Any suggestions so I don't end up strangling my DH from too much exposure? LOL
  2. Well I work closely with Vlad on this site- which ends up requiring a ton of our time and working closely together. We just had to learn to put our personal life and our work life separate.

    Try to still have your alone time- and your own friends, but it should be fine!
  3. My SO just started working at the same company I do. While I don't see him at all (he works at another campus) it is still wierd to see him on the company IM and he's been running into a bunch of folks I know. I am absolutely happy for him but sometimes I feel like there is a world collision in this. Work v. Relationship Christine.. :shrugs:
  4. My DH and I have our own company. In the office we are very professional. No nicknames, all business, sometimes people don't know we are a couple. Sometimes I forget we are a couple.
  5. My DH and I owned our own business years ago, and we were together everyday. I loved it. He is my BFF!!:heart:
  6. That is how I think it should be... all business.

    The chances of him ending up on my shift are pretty high though. I'm certainly hoping he ends up on either days or graves. I am the officers lifeline, if they need police back up, it's me that calls for it, I just don't know how I'll handle the situation if I'm calling for help for my DH. :confused1:
  7. Is there no protocol at all in your shared organization with regards to couples working at the same place? I am surprised, esp. in view of what you do! Good luck, stay professional, stay safe!
  8. I really admire those who can work with their DH or SO. For me, it would take a lot of convincing to do that. My BF and I are deeply in love, and I prefer to keep my work life as my work life and not have to have a lot of overlap. Sure he supports my career and he hears all the good, bad and ugly (as I do with his), but I want our time together to be focused on being with our families, R&R, travel, home projects, etc.
  9. My DH owns a business which I started working at after we started dating about 10 years ago. We have great employees who call us mom & dad. If things get stressful, no talking about it at home. And when we take vacations, we don't call the office the first 10 days gone. (There are no emergencies that someone else can't handle.) I think the trick is to have your own areas of duties & leave the other person to running theirs. If they ask for a suggestion, great if not, let them be. Trust that they are competent & give up "the being right" crap. Working together is not for control freaks.
    My DH is my best friend & I love being with him day & night. I know this way of living is not for eveyone but I wouldn't want my life any other way. Our business is just another "home" or "family.'
  10. oh yeah i am...
    after i quit my office job 4 years ago, i've been working with my bf.
    he's a photographer and director, i worked as producer and stylist.
    yeah, we do fight a lot during creative brain storming, but it was fun!
  11. The only policy our university has is that you can not be in a relationship with a superior... so he could never be a sergeant here or anything where he would be my supervisor.
  12. My DH and I have been working together for 4 years now. We have a unique situation as it is his business and we have only 1 employee besides ourselves.

    For us we have very little in the way of an outlet since we can't really ***** about one another to one another - but, we have made it work - although is has NOT been easy.

    I am sure you two will find that after a week or so that initial akwardness will fade away as he settle's into his new routine. One thing is for sure, you can never lie about work when your spouse is there too.
  13. I worked with my DH at the beginning of our relationship....that's how we met. At that time I really liked it, and when we first stopped, I actually missed not seeing and being with him so hopefully it will work for you :smile:
  14. I have worked with Mr Max for years. It's very hard at times. My biggest complaint is that after all these years we're more like co-workers than husband and wife. It seems like every working moment is spent working. Our nights and weekends at home are spent working. Even last night (Valentine's Day) we went to dinner and the entire evening was spent discussing work.

    I doubt I would ever choose to work with my spouse again after this.
  15. We met working (well, sitting in the same PhD office, so strictly speaking not really work as you dont' work together) and I miss this - I loved having him just across the room.
    but my parents have always worked together (they even share an office now) and I can't imagine anything else - I think it will just take getting used to.

    ^^ yes you end up discussing work a lot but usually my parents draw a line somewhere. just stop talking about work!

    good luck for you and why don't you just try to see the positive side - you both know what the other one is talking about, understand each other etc. Stay safe and I hope you will never have to call for backup for your hubby.