working up the courage for first high end purchase... (long)

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  1. ok. this is super silly. i just need some re-assuring.

    i have admired LVs in general and speedies in particular for about a year or so now...the shape is so perfect for me. i finally gave up trying to find a similar shape in lower-end brands and started saving up for one.

    now that i have all the money together, i am planning to go on friday. over the last couple of days i've told a few people how excited i am, and most of them have been discouraging. i trust these people's opinions, but they have different priorities on spending fun money than i do. i admire designer things. it is what it is. i don't really want gadgets and electronics like hubby, i don't buy spendy guns like my brother, and i don't have a gardening or decorating obsession like my coworkers and my mom (who also has a thriving ebay habit). the only people who understand are my sister and a good friend who both love designer things too...but even they think it's a little expensive for a bag. :suspiciou

    while my hubby and i are not rich by any stretch of the imagination, we are doing very well for our age imho. no credit debt, good credit scores, savings, etc. i am proud of us. however, i am starting to feel bad for wanting to spend more money on a purse than i do for rent each month...the rent on our little house is a *steal* but it's the principle of the thing... :shame:

    the money is saved. we have a rainy day fund. there is nothing else i would buy with it, essential or frivolous (except maybe my wisdom teeth coming out, but i am putting that off on purpose :suspiciou ). hubby says its fine to spend that money because it came out of my extras budget to do with as i please and i made the sacrifices each month to make sure there was some left over(ie didn't buy new makeup that i wanted or didn't get my nails done etc)...but he does not agree with spending that much on a bag, esp. when i tend to change my mind often. he keeps bringing up the KS sam bag that i wanted for SO long, but once i got it i carried it for less than a year because it didn't work for me (my stuff kept tipping over and falling out of the open top...that and carrying that bag made me realize i don't like shoulder bags.) i've experimented enough with cheap bags since then to know what i do and don't like.

    argh. i think i just need someone to tell me i've thought this through rationally and i'm not crazy. :suspiciou i don't think the people in my real life are capable of saying that because to them spending that kind of money on a bag when you can get a fake one for 20 bucks is completely irrational on so many levels. :lol:
  2. you're not being irrational at all.......i'm sure it's worse since this is your first high end bag, but i think whether it's our first or tenth we feel the same way.....we get the grief from loved ones, feel kinda guilty for spending the amount we're spending, wonder if we'll really love it and if it's really worth it.......

    my policy is to never buy something you can't return........and if you're sure of what you want you shoudl go for it regardless of what others boyfriend is electronics-obsessed and spends a fortune each month, but i get grief form him for spending money on "stupid" things that "don't do anything"'s your hard earned money and you're entitled to treat youself to something completely frivolous and unnecessary if it'll make you happy :P....although i should warn you that once you start buying designer bags it's extremely hard to stop
  3. You're not crazy. Sounds to me like you have given this much thought. If you like the bag and can afford it, then buy it. My mother thinks I'm insane considering what I pay for a bag. My husband says stop telling her. But I'm a grown woman who pays her own way thru life. I've never sent her the bill for any of my bags and until I do, it's none of her business.

    Get your bag and when you do - POST PICTURES! I'd love to see it!
  4. Go for it, but like jc2239 said, it is very addictive. I find it hard to stop at just one. Everytime I buy a bag, I immediately start searching for my nest endeavor. Hopefully you have more self control and resistance.
  5. Buy something you really really like. If I'm in your shoes, I'll research carefully so I don't end up buying just a high-end bag, but one which is popular and classic and practically for daily use like the Muse.
  6. You're not crazy...when you spend a lot on a bag, you better like it! Hey, even if I don't spend a lot on a bag and I don't like it I get upset with myself! But it sounds like you've saved hard for this and if your husband is ok with it, go for it!
  7. I agree with everyone's advice. Especially with the advice to only buy what you can return - this makes even more sense because this is your first high-end purchase (of many I am sure ;) and you don't want to be stuck with buyer's remorse and a bag you can't unload. Good luck with your purchase, and please post pics so we can celebrate with you!!!
  8. thank you ladies! this is exactly what i needed to hear.

    a thought about return policies...i always thought LV boutiques had a 14 day money back...but i just saw in another thread that it's only for store credit? does anyone know what the LV boutique and saks return policies are? those are the options i have avaliable for purchasing...i usually shop at nordstrom because of their amazing return policy. i rarely use it, but love knowing it's there.
  9. saks you can return within a certain time frame.....with LV it seems to depend on the store.....the ones in my area such as LV on fifth ave and in short hills accept returns within 14 days so u should be sure to check with whichever store you purchase from (and don't trust the little signs all over the store that say exchange only....they lie :suspiciou)
  10. Go for a bag that you absolutely love and will wear often. Even if the bag's a steal, it's still a waste if we don't wear it. If you are concerned about buyer's remorse, choose a store with a more flexible return policy like Nordstrom. Many boutiques only give store credits. Good luck. =)
  11. eluxury sells authentic LVs and has a 60 day return policy. Also-in most states they do not charge you tax:biggrin: Can't beat that. Oh...and welcome to the club! The addiction is born:lol:
  12. I kind of know how you feel :/

    I'm still saving up money for my first designer bag and even now I'm scared of what my loved ones might think. Just tonight I was thinking of how I'm going to hide it from my family when I visit them, lol.

    But you're being very rational, not crazy at all. I think the fact that you care about how your family feels on the subject further shows how intelligent and rational you're being simply because you're considering them and not just focusing on yourself.

    You've saved the money and thought this through, now get what you deserve miss! :]
  13. OMG thanks for starting this thread ilzabet! I am totally with you on this, I am about to go ahead and purchase my first high end designer (and my dreambag) and totally feel guilty about spending all that money. But then again, I'm working and earning my own money, and after paying rent and bills etc I still have money left over each month, and I will still have a good chunk of rainy day fund even after this purchase, so I'm thinking why not? Especially since my love for this bag haven't died after three years. It looks like you're exactly in the same situation!

    I don't expect my family or bf to understand, and I would most likely hide the price tag (at least for a while) from them. Get it for yourself, and love it and cherish it :smile:
  14. Go get that Speedy. It is a beautiful bag and it's only $585 which is cheap compared to other bags. Post pics! Enjoy!
  15. It sounds like you've been obsessing about a particular LV style. If you've wanted it for this long, I don't think you'll get tired for it... Just double check with the store before you buy it to make sure that you can return it for a REFUND and not a credit.

    I think splurging on something that you've wanted for a long time is a good reward. Especially since you've been working towards it rather than buying it on some whim. Go get your bag and enjoy it!