Working Out and remembering to BREATHE!!

  1. Often times while working out...whether it be cardio or weights...I get light headed quite easily and sometimes even get tunnel vision..where i have to quickly sit, wipe sweat and drink water before I can resume anything.

    I realized...I'm not BREATHING correctly! Often times I hold my breath...especially during weights...and it's like *oh yea...BREATHE*! (DUH)

    Last night I was at a SET class at 24..and while the instructor was telling us to INHALE...I caught myself EXHALING..and vice versa or just not breathing at all...I'm just holding it all in!!!

    GOSH....why is it so hard for me to just learn how to breathe correctly during exercise!!!

    Anyone else have probs with this?? (probably not...I'm prolly the only silly goose who can't even do this correctly! hahahah)

  2. I found that the best way is thinking this: When lifting weights, the weight doesnt feel as "heavy" when you are exhaling so you want to do the LIFT on the exhale and lower on the inhale. As for cardio....I have no idea on how to help you on that.

    May try taking a pilates or yoga class that is less "fast paced" and more structed on breathing and stretching so you get into the habit or breathing.

    Good luck.
  3. I was like that today. I had to stop to breathe.
  4. Yeah, breathing is very important while working out! That's what feeds your muscles oxygen and in turn helps you burn more calories. If you're not breathing properly you're not taking full advantage of your workout.
  5. I have this exact same problem! I realized that I often hold my breath while exercising and don't realize it. Lately I've been taking a Pilates class and the instructor is constantly reminding us to breathe, but if it wasn't for her reminders, I'd probably keep forgetting. Why do we do that?
  6. I think we're trying to stay "FOCUSED" on our task at hand (working out) that we forget the essential..hahaha... and YES, I constantly get reminders that breathing correctly during exercise is OH SO IMPORTANT for our muscles.. eeek...

    How are you liking pilates? I want to try...but I don't think I'll last 5 min!! :sweatdrop:
  7. i personally love piliates. start out slowly, if you just want to start out with 5 min then go for it. Buy yourself one of those DVDs and try to master just a few positions that way you will be more likely to remember to breathe once your body and mind have gotten used to those positions.
  8. I had the same problem! When I workout, I get so focused on movements that I find myself holding my breath. I've been doing yoga for a year now and that REALLY helped me. Yoga will really help you focus on breathing.
  9. I had breathing issues when I first started to run and strength train--I think it's VERY common, so don't feel bad!

    It sometimes helps to practice focussing on your breathing when you aren't working out--just relax and pay attention to your breathing. Then you can practice lifting something, and breathing out as you lift, in as you release. It takes focus to get the hang of it, but you'll notice one day that it's second nature.

    I found I got better at it when I started to run by myself. In the gym there are so many distractions, and it can be difficult to really focus. If you are alone, it can be easier to keep your mind on task. I just practiced breathing out my mouth--that really helped.

    Best of luck--you'll get it soon!
  10. when I am doing cardio, like running on the treadmill in my house..i used to forget to breath too...but if you talk to someone (if your at the gym) or sing along to the song playing on your ipod...this makes your more aware of your inhaling and exhaling. try it!

  11. So far, I like it! I find some moves to be kind of tough, but the instructor is pretty good and she gives us several options re: level of difficulty so that even the beginners can participate, albeit at an easier level. I have seen some progression, thoug, so slowly my strength is building up. I have ZERO upper-body strength, and I feel that the Pilates is helping. Don't worry about being a beginner- I'm there too, but you can also modify to make the move manageable for your level. HTH!
  12. Breathing while doing cardio is just as important as doing the cardio itself. If something is too hard that you find yourself not breathing, either ease off, or really focus on breathing. Deep breathing is VERY helpful for stress, life, weight loss, etc :yes:

    It is good you realized this!
  13. don't worry you're not the only one. i forget to breathe or i breathe wrongly all the time :confused1:

    sometimes i'm just so focused on trying a position or doing a new move that i end up holding my breath and my instructor will start shouting " BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE". my retort is, "Breathing? that's so overrated!"


    it takes time to learn to breathe correctly but you'll get there (and I'll get there) if you are conscious about it and try to correct yourself.
  14. MEGS! I'm really good at deep breathing when i'm stressed. I start off deep breathing and then it unwittingly turns to sighs... =P
  15. ok when working out make this your new mantra

    Breathe out with effort

    This refers to resistance training the main concern (but there are many other reasons) being that by working under effort and holding breathe you are increasing your blood pressure and for some people this can be bad news