Working on completing my collection...

  1. So I have a decent size list of things I want in my collection still, a couple are luggage pieces, one is an Alzer 65 in Monogram. I also really like the Sirius 55 in Mono... well basically they are the same thing but one is made of wood and one is not... plus the HUGE difference in price lol. So I thought maybe get it in a different line? I could have it special ordered in Damier? or I could do an Epi, but it only comes in a size 45 for $700 more than the bigger one in Mono... I could just do an Epi keepall 45 if I find a color I like (hate the 55, too big) but I have many keepalls... should I go for something like the epi sirius or maybe do a special order? Thoughts/Suggestions... I also do plan one day to get my Alzer in Mono but something about the sirius I love and it would be STUPID to have 2 products so similar to eachother like a mono ALZER and SIRIUS.
  2. If I did a special order for the 55 in Damier, its 30% more plus 6% for tax so its about $482.00 more making it around $1800 which is still cheaper than the epi one at $2040 and its bigger... but I own nothing Epi, and yada yada yada lol
  3. Matt - It doesn't seem you REALLY want it in Epi. Thus I think you should SO in Damier if you think you would really like. Plus since it is luggage, I don't think it would be stupid to have both in MONO. Luggage is all about unique pieces or nice sets IMHO. Unlike two bags that are the same (most only carry one bag at a time), you can carry two identical pieces of luggage. Or you could be fierce and have someone else carry your two identical pieces of luggage!
  4. It's funny I just saw this becuase I was just sitting here thikning about special ordering a damier sirius or Steamer, but what I REALLY want is a special ordered steamer in balck epi, damier and a regular Mono one! Haha, but yea I've been having similar thoughts! I suggest a special order damier Sirius!
  5. I would go with the EPI its gorgeous and more flashy then the damier.
  6. lol. Well I keep racking my brain and I change my mind 349734 times a day so I will just have to talk to my SA about prices and see what is available and all that when I go in on my bday which I also pick up my presents :smile:
  7. ^^Lol you definitely to change your mind a lot! :lol:
  8. Go with an Epi Sirius, and then get your alzer in monogram obviously. That way you get the sirius which you like, and the alzer. And they don't look the same, AND they are not keepalls. And you don't own anything in Epi. And it's leather as opposed to canvas. And...nah, only kidding!! I've run out of arguments!!
  9. i prefer the epi since its much more elegant, though its a much more FEMININE and UPSCALE LINE than a damier.i heard from friends louis vuitton was having a lot of SO epi Siruis' (though not sure if they would do them) and thats why they brought it out. i hate the cannelle and miss the mocha color so much. NOW THAT WOULD BE BEAUTIFUL. but the black is also gorgeous.

    SINCE EPI LEATHER IS ALL LEATHER AND NOT CANVAS, im think it will hold its shape much more than damier/mono, with time epi leather is known to wrinkle while mono/damier doesnt.... because its canvas. :lol: