Working mothers...

  1. Please share your experiences (joys and trials) here.

    My son is three and I work full-time. In the fall I will attend grad school part- time. I have always desired a career, and my choice is to be an archivist or rare books curator. Parenthood came unexpectedly, and I'm both enjoying and bracing myself on this ride. My son is in daycare/pre-school program from 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.
  2. my son is 13 months, I am full-time but work from home and long-distance, so will have to travel a few times to another country.

    I know this will change soon though as I will get a local full-time job as a lecturer (hopefully!). not sure if I will continue the academic career as I am planning to start up a business at the same time. or teach in more than 1 uni - we will see.

    for the time of my PhD I was at my parents' so they helped me A LOT!! not sure what will happen once i work full-time out of the house but I get the feeling we will get a nanny and I am thinking about 2 hours of playschool (does that even exist??)
  3. I am a working mother with a 3 year old. I started/completed a graduate degree during my son's 2nd year as well. My DH is currently completing his superintendecy endorsement and we have baby number 2 due in a few months.

    Finish school while they are young, that way it is done with and you may spend quality time with your child as he/she grows.

    I work because I need to...unfortunately it is really hard for me to stay at home as I need to work not monotarily but for sanity~ and I know I am a better mother/person for recognizing this. I envy mothers who stay at home with their children. Kudos to them!
  4. Wow, only two replies? People who go to school f/t count as well!

    The hardest thing about working and having him in school all that time is that I really miss doing the things we used to do in the middle of the day: go to the public library's storytime, play in the park.
  5. I work full -time from home, in school full- time, have my kids full- time. It's a juggle but so worth it.
  6. My daughter is 17 months and I am 8 months pregnant with my 2nd. I work full time. When I was pregnant with the first I had a full time job and a part-time job teaching a night class at a community college. Thankfully I finished my Master's Degree long before I had kids so I don't need to deal with school on top of everything else. I am going to save my PhD for when kids are older, like maybe 10. Can't do it any time soon, the toddler stage is killing me!

    I was offered the job of my dreams this past year. It would enable me to be my own boss with flexible hours and work at home for some of the time. I passed on the job because I just couldn't see getting any work done at home with the kids there. My daughter is super active and needs a tone of attention. I know I'll regret it some day, but the job was demanding and I wanted to be able to do it right.

    I can handle the lack of "me" time and I don't have too much guilt about leaving my daughter since my parents are watching her but I am totally exhausted. And I mean totally.

    My husband and I argue about this a lot because I of course believe that he needs to help a million times more. That argument is best left for a whole other post.
  7. Nice topic Aslan! I'll reply in more detail, gotta go to work now!!:p
  8. ^^^Hehee, I'm at work now. ;)
  9. My girls are 2 and 5. I work as a writer part time from home. It's tough sometimes, but I'm lucky to have house help.
  10. My son is almost 14 months and in August I will be going back to work full time. I worked part time last school year starting when he was 6 months old.
    I am a school teacher and I LOVE being at home with him but I also love what I do.
    For my family, working works. DS really enjoys the social setting that his daycare provides. He seems to love playing with and interacting with the other children. I found a new daycare provider that is very close to work and home so that will also make it easier for us.
    That being said, when we have another child I will probably try to find a way to work from home or part time. The cost of putting 2 children into daycare defeats any financial benefits to working (if you're a school teacher;)).
  11. I have a 9 yr old dd, 4 yr. old nephew annd #2 is on the way. I have a demanding f/t job and just completed my MBA. I attended school f/t. I do work flexible hours but it is still about 60+ hrs/week.

    Some days are tough, others not so much. I used to feel incredibly guilty but bills don't pay themselves plus I enjoy working. My DH telecommutes at least 6 mos of the year so that helps alot. I should also mention he's on the road 6 mos of the year. Those are the times life gets superstressful.

    Working moms have to wear many hats, usually at the same time so kudos to all of the ladies that do it and do it well!
  12. Great thread!!!! I'm in my 8th month w/ our first. I work from home full time and am curious if anyone here has worked from home while still having a small baby and how hard it was?

    When did you find time to get some work time in w/o feeling guilty if that's possible?? :s
  13. See, there's too ways of feeling guilty. One, you can feel guilty about not staying with your kid 24/7 and spending time with him as he grows up. The other is the guilt that you are not going to do the best for yourself if you do that. Once your child/ren are grown and out of the house, what's going to be left for you after that if your life and energy are invested solely in them?

    I mean, I had the option of being a SAHM permanently if I wanted to for a part of my life, but I felt incredibly unwilling to do so. I felt bad at not being able to use my intellect, and I thought well, if this is what I'm supposed to do, I've simply wasted the money my parents spent in sending me to college, and the time I spent studying to get into a good college - I could have gotten pregnant in 11th grade and stayed home like my cousin!

    I work from home most of the time- it was hard when my son was younger, but now it's easier. He's in day camp (9 am 4pm) this summer anyway. I'm happy that my son is social - he definitely doesn't like to stay home with mom all the time but enjoys the time he spends with other kids.

    I know some kids aren't like that, and I'm lucky. In fact a friend of my son goes to the same day camp as him, and I see him every morning. My son gets out of the car at the parking lot, and when we get to the field where the students gather in the morning he starts running towards them because he's really keen to get there are become part of the activities. I then see his friend, who's running towards the parking lot, usually chased by a counselor or two because he doesn't like camp at all, but would rather be home. His mom works, though, and has to leave him there.
  14. i am a sahm, but it is def. not for everyone and i give ppl like ghost a lot of credit for recognizing that in themselves and being true to themselves- as a result, the children benefit because mom is doing what is best- which is what i think most moms try to do =- their best!
  15. Great topic Aslan! I don't have kids yet but wonder what I would do when we have them. If you all had a choice would you go part time? I'm thinking this may be a good balance for myself.