Working Moms, when do you workout?

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  1. Sighhhhhhh

    I can't seem to get my act together no matter how much I try. I use to workout 4x a week before I had the baby, and now a year later, I still don't work out. I usually have an action plan the day before, but I either can't wake up at 5:30am to get a quick workout video in or I can't bring myself to workout at 9:30pm, when daughter goes to sleep. How do other moms handle this? I really need some advice, because I don't fit into my fall clothes and I feel like a blob.
  2. I usually go on a run when I get home from work with my son in his jogger. I can get a good hour in before he gets restless other than that I can't find time to workout.
  3. I brisk walk at our park for an hour everty Saturday and Sunday morning, between 7.30am or 8am. If my son is awake, we'll just bring him along.

    I can do more in the evenings after work but just want to spend time playing or swimming with him during weekdays.
  4. My friends that go to work get up and workout around 5:30am.
  5. I've been having the same issues. I want to work out and realize the morning is the only time I have. Usually I don't get up because I feel the extra sleep should help my sanity.
  6. Wish I could do mornings but let's face it I am NOT a morning person haha
  7. I know people that workout at their lunchtime....

    dont know the details of your work or situation though, ...
  8. I walk during breaks at work (30 mins total), at night after baby goes to sleep (usually an hour) and now that my new AT stroller's coming in, I plan on walking with DS on weekend mornings.

    We also have an elliptical machine at home too :biggrin:, although I've never used it LOL but it's there in case there's bad weather outside.
  9. I am very lucky because my in-laws watch DS two evenings a week while DH and I are at the gym. On Saturday mornings, DH and I take turns working out. I've also taken up jogging recently since I can squeeze it in when I have a half hour to spare.
  10. It's so hard being a working mom and trying to juggle everything. I workout at lunch some days, and after work other days. And some days I just never make it to the gym at all. My husband and I try to switch off- he goes to the gym in the morning and I drop them off, and then he picks them up in the afternoon and I workout. But it's just so hard getting home late and only having an hour with them before bed.

    I've kinda given up trying to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes for now. Just have to take it a day at a time, and someday, I hope, I'll get back into the shape I once was (or close to it, at least).
  11. This is a good post because I still haven't figured it out. I WAS a morning person pre-baby and that was my workout time. I could still work out most mornings but then my husband (who was unemployed for the past four months..just started working again this week) would wake up early and go to the gym before. He HAS NEVER done this in the past. And we had a nanny 3 days a week still so he could have worked out later!

    Also, he gets up before me and goes on Saturday. I am going to start going at lunch 3 days a week when I can and doing the brisk walking thing (that's what I've done with McK). She can also go with me on Saturdays (she'll be in the kids room). Unfortunately the kids room doesn't open until 8:30 on the weekends :sad:

    I gotta do something too. I'm pudgy and I know it!
  12. same dilemma here
    I have a tough time doing it in the mornings..though that is likely the best time to be consistent
    I am still nursing in the mornings so that takes enough of my time w/o squeezing in a workout also
    I have a gym at work...I haven't been going much though. I did twice this week at lunchtime though after a coworker that was going down motivated me to join them.
    After work I tend to want to get home to see the lil one so no more workouts after work like I used to.
    Like others have the time he goes to bed I am wiped out and tired and just want some relaxing time to myself vegging out watching my Tivo shoes or reading in the tub or doing laundry or something.
    I found a local walking group via Meetup and I walk with them some Saturday mornings. I also have a Zumba class at my local YMCA at 9am Satrudays that I do sometimes though I haven't been in a while. On Saturdays I take the lil one to Gymboree and often have a zillion errands to run and enjoy sleeping in late playing in bed with him after nursing.
    I also have an elliptical and a recumbent bike at home that I use maybe once a week.
    I try to get it in when and where I can but no consistent schedule yet...and therefore no results either.
  13. When I worked I didn't. We left the house at 7:30. I couldn't wake up early enough to go to the gym. After work I really wanted to spend time with my little one after not seeing him all day. So for 6 months I didn't work out...which I was fine with.
  14. Thanks everyone. I see I'm not the only one is the rough situation.

    Gym afterwork doesn't sound like it will work for me. I wounldn't see my child at all and that simply isn't worth it. I think the only available time would be early in the morning, either at home or a run outside. Workouts during lunch is not an option, because I simply don't have the flexibility--wish I did.

    This is going to be rough, but I have to accept the fact that mornings will be my only time and I'm sooooo not a morning person.

    Thanks for the advice and comments.
  15. I work from 8 to 4 so I go right after work. for and hour to an hour and half. I fortunate that my DH gets off work @ 2:30, so he's the one that pick up the LO from school.