Working M-Saturday at 3 different places... motivation! ?


Sep 17, 2006
So this summer I'm working at my regular job and then I'm working at another (same company, for more hours as they need help at the other location) and then I have an internship. So it's 3 different places Monday through Saturday.

My semester just ended and I haven't really had time to relax, which is fine because I'm not wasting any time.

The thing is though I've never done anything like this before with work. I worked full time last summer but I had 1 full day off in the week, and it was extremely manageable and I felt like I still had time. But now I feel like oops I have to do all these things and I have to figure out how to manage my time.

It's not even just that.

It just sucks though because I have an internship two of the days and it's not even paid. So I can only just begin to enjoy the money I'll make per week.

I feel like I should enjoy my last summer in college, but I don't want to feel like that... I want to feel like this is such a good choice (it was my choice to work at the other location too)

I just need some motivation, seriously. $$$ is good even though two of the days aren't even paid (which I find to be what's bothering me haha) right?

Relaxing in the summer is so tempting haha


May 18, 2007
Orange County, CA
Haha, yes relaxing and being lazy is super tempting!!!

But having an internship is awesome even if it's unpaid and will be so beneficial for when you have to find a real job!!!

I'm filling up my summer with classes, a job, and either another job or an internship (if anyone will take me! :P) so I know how you feel!!! I am hating school right now and I'll be finishing up the quarter only to go to more school in the summer. :P

Work hard, play on Sundays, and i'm sure you'll find a job and an employer who is impressed that you took the initiative to do all that this summer, which you enable you to have more play time and more money to play with in the future!!! ;)