Working for MAC Cosmetics

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  1. Any tPF'ers currently work or have worked at MAC Cosmetics?

    I recently applied for a part time makeup artist position at a mac counter at a small department store. I figured it wiould be the perfect, fun & creative atmosphere for a part time job for myself.

    My initial meeting with the counter manager could not have gone any better. She stated that she loved my makeup, my look, and my sales/retail experience. She went into how soon training would have to be scheduled, the work schedule, pay, etc.

    However, she did say that she doesn't make any hiring decisions without consulting her assistant manager first, but she was off that day. She asked that I go back to meet her. I will be doing that tomorrow.

    I've read countless things where they typically require a demo to be done to evaluate your skills. I was not asked to provide a model or even do a demo.

    Is it possible to be hired without a demo being done?
    Also, what's the training like and the company atmosphere? :smile:

  2. im a permanent artist with MAC, and from what I know, yes you do need to do an application on a model. I had to when I applied. good luck.
  3. oh and sorry the second part of your question.

    training is seasonal and atmosphere differs from counter to store. ive worked at several locations and some are better than others. the people make the company.