Working For Chanel

  1. hi. can anyone please help me out and let me know what the pay is at Chanel.

  2. I want to work in chanel too...but I heard you have to have lots of retail experience in order to work there!!
  3. I can't imagine anyone who works for them will actually publicly reveal their salary!
  4. There was recently an article in the Sunday Times Style supplement about employees in high end boutiques. If I remember correctly, they made fairly decent money (for some reason the number of 45k sticks in my mind) and got different perks. For example Chanel employees get one suit a year. A lot of them had experience in other high end boutiques before working at their current one. Each one has its own look and accordingly employees tended to migrate to the one that best reflected their own.

    I would say you would probably have to come from a strong customer service background and with either experience or a lot of knowledge about Chanel or other luxury brands. Just loving it isn't enough.

    Hope this helped!
  5. Heck, love makes all the difference. It's hard to sell to one's full potential if you don't like the product, imo. To do so is a recipe for bad customer service.

    From focus groups I've heard SAs in Neimans Saks can make much greater than 45K. Depends upon the dept and their commission structure.
  6. If they didn't hire one of us, they'd be crazy!! The women on here are more educated on Chanel than many of the lovely SAs that I have worked with. Most of them are amazed by the things I have known even before them!
  7. ^^Heck, Claudia sells bag to strangers when she is just shopping!! :smile:
  8. yes, i heard you get great benefits working for chanel boutique and corporate. i don't know so much about pay wise, but i think the discounts make up for it.
  9. when i was an undergrad.. i used to wish i could work for LV/Chanel.. but my Dad violently objected.. **sigh**
  10. i guess they get the same salary than other retail. No luxury salary for luxurous shop.

    I have a girlfriend who did an intership at Chanel compagny in New York. She helped to prepare fashion shows. So she met important persons at Chanel; they said that they were happy with her work and at the end of the internship they offered her ... 3 lipsticks and 1 parfume.

    So i guess they are not more generous with sellers in the boutiques
  11. wow, that was pretty cheap of the big guys...u think they can at least offer her a "runway" bag

  12. ^^actually, I know for sure they ARE more generous to some SA's.
    I know that the Chanel specialists for NM get MUCH larger perks than that:yes:
  13. I reccomend going to work at Saks or Neimans. Actually Saks has better benefits!!
    They get better discounts on the stores products as oposed to Chanel employees. My SA from Chanel almost lost his mind when I told him I got my bag at double discount at SAKS. Also my SA from NM almost lost it. SAKS!!!
  14. the cousin of a collegue of mine works as a graphics designer at chanel and i think they get 50% off make up/perfume/skincare and that is pretty much unlimited... they also get 50% of bags, accessories and clothes but they have a very strict limit. she was able to get me some perfume but not any bags. :sad:
  15. I wonder what would be required to work for them.